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Awards for Inspiring Research were conferred


Osaka University established the Inspiring Advanced Research Promotion Project this year as a research support system for researchers aged 45 and younger. Fifty-two applications were received for this project and the four research projects noted below were chosen after screening and interviews.

On Monday, August 16, the four leaders of the winning research projects were awarded "Awards for Inspiring Research." Following the award ceremony, they met with President WASHIDA Kiyokazu and Trustee NISHIO Shojiro.

In their discussions, President Washida expressed his hope that their work would inspire passion in research and the project leaders talked of their hopes for interdisciplinary group research.

  1. Research title: Our Future in the Era of Bioscience
    Research leader: HIGAKI Tatsuya, Professor, Graduate School of Human Sciences
  2. Research title: Life Innovation through Exploring Magnesium Biology
    Research leader: MIKI Hiroaki, Professor, Institute for Protein Research
  3. Research title: Heavy Electrons and Superconductivity produced by Single Crystal and Pressure Engineering
    Research leader: HONDA Fuminori, Assistant professor, Graduate School of Science
  4. Research title: Normalization of Cancer Cells -- Retuning of Intracellular Signals
    Research leader: ONEYAMA Chitose, Assistant professor, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases


From left to right: Assistant Professor HONDA, Assistant Professor ONEYAMA,

Trustee & Vice President NISHIO, President WASHIDA, Professor HIGAKI,

Professor MIKI


Research Promotion Division, Department of Research Promotion

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