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Osaka University's web site wins award in the "Web pages that anyone can use" Contest


The web site of Osaka University (which underwent a major revision in June 2009) was one of several web sites to win an award in the recently held "Web pages that anyone can use" Contest!

This contest awards sites that take the view point of the user into account in their design, making it easy and also worthwhile for virtually anyone --regardless of age or experience with the internet, regardless also of the type of connection they have-- to view and obtain information from their pages. 

Osaka University's pages were awarded on the basis of their usability, layout, content, etc. as well as their wide appeal regardless of Japanese language ability.

A Certificate of Merit was conferred at the Award Ceremony was held in the Mainichi Hall in the headquarters of the Mainichi Newspapers Company in Tokyo on Friday, March 26.


In the photo below, Associate Professor Yuichi ITOH of Osaka University's Web Design Unit delivers a short speech at the Award Ceremony.


 speech at Award Ceremony


Go here to visit the web site for this contest

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