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Note-takers wanted! (Temporary job opportunity)


Osaka University's Disability Resource Center is looking for students who can assist hearing-impaired students by taking notes for them during classes in Electronics, Department of Electronics and Materials Physics, School of Engineering Science. Students selected for assisting such students by taking notes will be paid 2,400 yen per class as an honorarium.


A list of classes, periods, and days of the week can be found at the web page below. (Note: this page is in Japanese):

Location: School of Engineering Science, Toyonaka Campus

Honorarium: 2,400 yen per class

Application deadline: September 11 (Friday)


Individuals seeking more information or hoping to become one of the note takers, please contact the Disability Resource Center -- email:

Please note:

* Individuals selected as note-takers will be required to receive two hours of training prior to being hired.

* Ideally, note-takers should have taken the course(s) for which they apply to be note-takers in.

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