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Handling of the classes due to heavy rain


Due to heavy rains over a long period of time, suspension of public transport including Hankyu trains is expanding.

Some departments of Toyonaka campus and Suita campus are canceled from the 4th class.

(On Minoh campus, because evacuation instructions have been issued since yesterday, it has been canceled all day.)

Students should check the information on classes canceled at their departments by KOAN and respond.

There is a delay due to the road circumstances about the campus shuttle bus, but now it is operating normally. Please check the operation status of public transportation by the relevant website.

Please pay attention to safety when you return home.

Also, for students who are difficult to return home, we will open a gymnasium at Suita campus and a cafeteria “Kasane” (old "Sora") on the 1st floor of Student Union Building on Toyonaka campus as evacuation place.


Education Planning Division, Department of General Affairs, Osaka University

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