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Capturing OU's Coolest Moments in Photos - Osaka University Photo Contest 2017


The theme for this contest is "My Handai."
Please upload photos taken at Osaka University that show off your very own view of OU, such as your favorite scenery or spot on campus or students hard at work and play, to Instagram.

* Photos that you've taken prior to this contest are also eligible for entry.

Where to start

Follow Osaka University's official Instagram account: @osakauniversity

* OU students, graduates, faculty, staff, and the general public are all eligible to enter.
* If you unfollow Osaka University's official Instagram account, we may not be able to send a direct message to you in the event your photo is chosen.

How to enter

STEP1 Take a photo of your very own view of OU.

STEP  Upload the photo to your own Instagram account with the hashtag #MyHandaiSeptember.
Round 2 in October will use the hashtag #MyHandaiOctober, while Round 3 in November will use the hashtag #MyHandaiNovember. (You may make multiple entries into each round.)

* Before you upload your photo(s), please read the Official Rules below.
* You may enter using photos that were taken prior to the contest.

Announcement of results

The winner of each round will be announced on this site as well as on the official Instagram account of Osaka University.

Official rules

Before uploading your photo, please review the following:

• Any photo uploaded to Instagram with the hashtags for this contest will be considered in agreement with the official rules.

• Photos uploaded for this contest may be used on the Osaka University official website, official SNS accounts of Osaka University, and other related PR materials. We kindly ask for your understanding.

• Winners will be contacted over Instagram via direct message, so please make sure to follow Osaka University's official Instagram account. If you are not following (or unfollow) this account, we may not be able to contact you.

• To enter, you must have an Instagram account.

• You may enter as many times as you'd like during the contest, but please note that an individual account may only be chosen once over the 3 rounds.

• Photos without the appropriate hashtag will not be eligible for the contest. (English hashtags: September - #MyHandaiSeptember; October - #MyHandaiOctober; November - #MyHandaiNovember; Japanese hashtags: September - #わたしの阪大百景9月, October - #わたしの阪大百景10月; November - #わたしの阪大百景11月)

• Any Instagram account set to "private" will not be eligible for this contest.

Regarding photos for the contest

• Photos may be entered in the contest only once. Reuploads of photos will not be eligible for subsequent rounds of this contest.

• We ask that you do not upload any photos taken by any individual other than yourself.

• Entries to the contest must be limited to unpublished material.

• We ask that you do not upload photos that violate copyright, photos that are immoral or indecent, or photos that violate the privacy of others.

• When submitting photos of people to the contest, we ask that you acquire the permission of those individuals in the photo prior to your submission. Osaka University takes no responsibility for any photos submitted that violate the right of publicity of the subject of the photo.

• Photos submitted may be published on Osaka University's official Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as the Osaka University official website. Individuals who submit photos for the contest will be considered as consenting to the rules outlined above.
Photos may need to be resized or cropped for the purposes of this contest. Please understand that entrants will not be personally contacted regarding any changes made to their submission(s) for the purposes of this contest.

• We ask that you do not submit photos that include any of the following. Photos to which the university has deemed one or more of the following apply may be automatically disqualified from this contest.

- Photos that include any immoral or indecent content

- Photos that include sales or related actions, links or addresses to specific websites, and/or any other forms of publicity

- Photos that may slander and/or invade privacy of individuals, corporations, and/or other organizations

- Photos that infringe on copyright and/or rights of publicity of another individual

- Photos that would interfere with the operation of and/or damage the reputation of this website

- Photos that do not fit the theme provided on this page

- Photos that may infringe on the copyright of specific characters or television personalities

- Photos that the university deems otherwise inappropriate

• Note: The university may request that posts containing photos deemed problematic be taken down.

Selection and Shipping

• Selected individuals will be sent a direct message on Instagram regarding the necessary shipping information, so please respond by the deadline. If said individuals do not respond by the deadline given regarding this information, their claim to the prize will be forfeit.

• If the shipping information received by the university from the selected individual is incomplete or the university cannot contact said individual(s), their claim to the prize will be forfeit.

• In order to send a direct message on Instagram, selected individuals must have version 5 (or higher) of the Instagram application installed on their device.

• Selected individuals may not exchange for money nor otherwise transfer their claim to the prize.

• We can only ship prizes within Japan.

• We will not respond to inquiries about the results of screening.

Other information

• Please note that the university takes no responsibility for any trouble on Instagram or other social networking services regarding the content of material posted to these services.

• This contest will be conducted using Instagram. The university takes no responsibility for any damage incurred due to suspensions or cancellations of this contest that may occur due to the operating environment of Instagram or related applications.

• Instagram does not implicitly support, recognize, manage, or otherwise participate in this contest in any way.

Handling of personal information

• Personal information received from selected individuals will only be used for the purpose of shipping prizes.

• We will not provide any personal information received from selected individuals to third parties without their expressed permission (excluding instances when disclosure of information is required by law).

• For more information regarding handling of personal information by the university, please view our Privacy Policy.

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