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FrontierLab@OsakaU -- Outline

FrontierLab@OsakaU is a program for placing international students in laboratories of the following schools: Science, Engineering Science, Engineering, Information Science and Technology, or one of their departmental schools for a period of up to 12 months. Participants can also take international exchange subjects and Japanese language and other related subjects if they wish. This program was created for international students to conduct thematic studies and achieve results under the guidance of teachers while acquiring skills necessary for continuing research in one of Osaka University's internationally renowned science and technology laboratories.

FrontierLab@OsakaU (PDF)

Enrollment status of students at Osaka University

Special auditors: students take classes and can earn credits.

Special research students (only graduate school students): students receive guidance on research and cannot earn credits.

Required language ability

TOEFL iBT 80 or equivalent or Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 2 or equivalent

* Participants will be expected to make a presentation in English at the end of the term.

Duration of program

  1. From April to August (5 months)
  2. From April to February (11 months)
  3. From September to February (6 months). Orientation is conducted in September and classes commerce in October.
  4. From September to August (12 months). Classes commerce in October.
  5. More than 3 months and less than 12 months (only for special graduate school research students).

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