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Osaka University aims to create new value as a university open to global society in which individuals with diverse knowledge learn from each other according to its basic philosophy of Open Community stated in OU Vision 2021. Each and every researcher at OU actively carries out international collaborative research, producing outstanding research results.

However, the world, including Japan, is facing increasingly complicated and serious social issues. In 2015, the United Nations adopted "Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” outlining Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address urgent global challenges. In reaction to this, the Japanese government established the SDGs Promotion Headquarters to move ahead with measures related to the SDGs.

In order to respond to these changes in society, it is necessary to gather even more diverse knowledge to tackle social issues. To this end, Osaka University will work together with university partners around the world with the clear objective of "contributing to the solution of social issues" to achieve steady results. Regarding these strategic partnerships as means for academic collaboration and the partners themselves as global knowledge partners, we will form interdisciplinary research groups to address common issues set together with other world-class universities, implementing advanced research.

At the same time, OU will also develop world-class global human resources through this joint research. For joint research with global knowledge partners, we will establish a cross-boundary support system within the university. We will design systems to acquire external funds, proceed with projects, receive and send young researchers, supporting these endeavors in cooperation with our overseas centers and offices.

2019 Osaka University Research Abroad Program for GKP (Application Guideline)
2019 Osaka University Visiting Scholar Program for GKP (Application Guideline)
*Application forms are available on My Handai (OU members only).

List of research support programs at OU (link in Japanese)

New selected projects in the Strategic Matching Fund with Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Representative from Osaka University

Representative from Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Project Name

Joining and Welding Research Institute
Professor Ma Ninshu

Fenggui LU
(School of Material Science & Engineering)

Design and Assessment in Advanced Manufacturing
Joining and Welding Research Institute Professor TANAKA Manabu
Zhuguo LI
(School of Material Science & Engineering)
Materials and Joining Science for Advanced Manufacturing
Graduate School of Engineering
Associate Professor FUKUDA Takashi
(School of Materials Science and Engineering)
Investigation of new elastocaloric materials for refrigeration
Graduate School of Engineering
Professor YAMASHITA Hiromi
Yixin ZHAO
(School of Environmental Science & Engineering)
Design and synthesis of photo- and photoelectro catalysts for solar light-driven H2 production and energy conversion
Graduate School of Engineering
Professor OHSAWA Naoki
(School of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Civil Engineeringl)
Study on residual stress measurement method based on inherent strain
Graduate School of Engineering
Professor IIJIMA Kazuhiro
Shixiao FU
(School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering)
Concept Development of “Unmanned” Offshore Structure for Fish Farming in Deep Waters
Graduate School of Engineering
Professor KASHIWAGI Masashi
Decheng WAN
(School of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Civil Engineering)
Hydrodynamic Study on Ship Maneuvering Motion in Waves Using CFD and Potential-Flow Methods
Graduate School of Engineering
Professor DOI Kenji
Zhongren PENG
(School of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Civil Engineering)
Research on how to apply intelligent transportation system to improve urban atmospheric
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Professor TSUCHIYA Tatsuhiro
(Department of Computer Science and Engineering)
Reliable Decentralized Data Platform for Smart City
Graduate School of Engineering
Associate Professor YAMAGUCHI Yohei
Yanjun DAI
(School of Mechanical Engineering)
Modelling and evaluation of integrated HVAC system with desiccant and solar technologies
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Assistant Professor SASAKI Yuya
Hongdi HE
(School of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Civil Engineering)
Information Integration Platform for MaaS and Analysis of Urban Environmental  Data
Graduate School of Medicine

Assistant Professor KAITO Takashi

(Department of Orthopaedic Surgery)
Development of an antibacterial interbody fusion cage for spinal fusion surgery by 3D printing technology


New seed funding projects with UCL

Representative from Osaka University
Representative from UCL
Project Name
Institute for Datability Science

Professor NAGAHARA Hajime

(Institute of Education)
Artificial Intelligence for Collaborative Problem-solving: A Computer Vision System to Support Effective Teamwork
Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research
Professor NAGAI Takeharu
Prof. Ricardo HENRIQUES
(Life Sciences)
Towards nano-diagnosis: monitoring molecular dysfunction with nanometer sensitivity, a convergence of fluorescent biosensor engineering and functional live-cell super-resolution imaging
Center for the Study of CO* Design
Professor MATSUSHIGE Hisakazu
Prof. Rose LUCKIN
(Institute of Education)
Learning (in) Environments Beyond the Formal Educational Boundaries - Revitalizing and Sustaining Knowledge/Skills Transfer in Japan and the UK
Graduate School of Human Sciences
Instructor KIMURA Yumi
Prof. Daniel MILLER
(Social & Historical Sciences)
Facilitating digital health for older people in rural Japan
Graduate School of Engineering Science
Professor WADA Shigeo
(Engineering Sciences)
Development of in silico model to evaluate performance of cardiovascular devices
Graduate School of Human Sciences Professor YAMAMOTO
Dr. Sarabajaya KUMAR
(Laws, Arts and Humanities, and Social and Historical
The Everyday Lived Experiences of Disabled University Students in London and Osaka


Activity Report

Strategic Partnership Agreement between Osaka University and University College London Signed

October 7, 2019

UCL President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur, Vice-Provost Nicola Brewer, and their entourage visited Osaka University to sign a strategic partnership agreement with OU. (Details)

Workshop with University College London (UCL)

March 27~28, 2019 (London, UK)

Osaka University - UCL Strategic Partnership Kick-off Event (Program)


Workshop with University of Groningen

March 12~13, 2019 (Osaka University)

2nd Data Workshop Osaka - Groningen (Details)

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