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International College

What is the International College?

The International College was established in August 2010 to oversee degree programs taught in English at Osaka University as part of the Project for Establishing Core Universities for Internationalization, more commonly referred to as the Global 30 program.

The International College aims to improve the competitiveness of Osaka University by providing an environment that makes it easier for international students to study in Japan and receive a high quality education and, thereby, nurture personnel who can play an active role in the competitive global arena.

Degree Programs of the International College

International College currently consists of the humanities and science courses listed below.

[Humanities] Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program

[Science] Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program

Information on Faculty

  • Director: Koichi FUKASE, Professor, Head of the Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program
  • Deputy Director: Beverley Anne YAMAMOTO, Professor, Head of Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program
  • Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program: one professor, one associate professor, one lecturer, one specially appointed lecturer, three specially appointed assistant professors
  • Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program: one associate professors, one lecturer, two specially appointed lecturer, five specially appointed assistant professors

Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQ

Please download and view a file of FAQ that will answer most, if not all, of your questions. Click here to download the file.

Admission Information

The number of successful applicants for each program in the International College are listed below:

Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program: 20

Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program: 16

*Of the students accepted into the Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program, 8 entered into the School of Science (4 in the Department of Chemistry, 4 in the Department of Biological Sciences), 2 in the Division of Applied Science, School of Engineering, and 6 in the Department of Chemical Science and Engineering, School of Engineering Science.

Applications for admission in October 2017 are no longer being accepted. (Deadline: Friday, January 13, 2017)
For more information about the Special English Entrance Examination, click here.
Application Guidelines for admission in October 2017 are available at the websites noted below.

Application Guidelines for admission in October 2017

For more information, contact:

International College Office
Office for International Programs
Room #511, Interdisciplinary Bldg., 1-2 Machikaneyama-cho
Toyonaka, Japan 560-0043


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Message from a Current Student: Kevin


Message from a Current Student: My


International College News


• Sakura Science Plan: 10 students from Macao visit Osaka University

From November 15~22, 2015, 10 high school students from Pui Ching Middle School and Colegio de Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary, two well-known preparatory schools, were taken in by the Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program (CBCMP) at the International College for the Sakura Science Plan, a program conducted by JST.

After a visit with Executive Vice President HOSHINO (International Collaboration), students experienced the high level of education at Osaka University in mock lectures and interactive learning experiences at CBCMP and the Graduate school of Engineering. In addition, through tours of the museums on campus, the Hitz Biomass Lab, and off-campus facilities such as RIKEN and the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation, students experienced Japan's outstanding science and technology, which served as a great opportunity to appeal the first-class educational environment at Osaka University to talented international students.


• Sakura Science Plan: 70 students from India, Thailand, and the Philippines visit Osaka University

On Monday, May 11, 2015, 70 high school students from India, Thailand, and the Philippines visited the Suita campus for the Sakura Science Plan.

The Sakura Science Plan, implemented by the Japan Science and Technology Agency, is a project in which outstanding young students from Asia visit Japan for a short period, with the aim of deepening exchange in the fields of science and technology between those young people who are responsible for the future of Japan and the rest of Asia.
The program began with a greeting from director FUKASE Kouichi, followed by explanations of study abroad programs such as the Global Admissions Office and the International College. The students also participated in a trial lesson from the International College, followed by stories about experiences studying abroad by their seniors.
In the afternoon, the students toured the applied chemistry and applied biology laboratories of the Graduate School of Engineering, after which they listened to explanations of experiments by their seniors, all the while actively asking lots of questions and ending the day on an enjoyable note.

• Osaka University Global 30 Symposium: "University Governance and Undergraduate Education in the Age of Globalization"

This special symposium was held on March 27, 2013, in the Auditorium in Osaka University Hall. Aiming to deepen the understanding of educators about what types of English degree programs need to be established at Japan's universities, participants also considered the challenges surrounding such programs. Topics also included the participation of international faculty members in university governance in an age of globalization and improving dialogue between International Baccalaureate schools and universities. Reports were also presented regarding student experience surveys conducted at major world universities and approaches for the promotion of globalization of Japanese students, the requirement of 500 on TOEFL at Yokohama City University and the intermingling and communication taking place between Japanese and international students at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.

In addition to persons from G30 universities, the 70 attendees included persons from other higher education institutions, mass media, and education associations. Interest by attendees was clearly evident from their close attention to the presentations and inquiries regarding entrance examination format and improving English ability.



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