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Introduction to Osaka University

Weather warnings and emergency warnings

In the case of a "storm warning" [boufuu-keihou] or "emergency warning" [tokubetsu-keihou] being issued for Toyonaka, Suita, Ibaraki, and/or Minoh, classes including the Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice, will be canceled as noted below:

If the warning is canceled by 6:00 a.m.: All classes will be held as usual.
If the warning is canceled by 9:00 a.m.: Afternoon classes will be held.
If the warning is not canceled by 9:00 a.m.: Classes will be canceled for the day.

Important notes

  • In the case of the School of Foreign Studies, and the "Studies in Language and Society" and "Studies in Japanese Language and Culture" of the Graduate School of Language and Culture, if the warning is canceled by 3:00 p.m., 6th and 7th period classes will be held.
  • Students in the United Graduate School of Child Development will be contacted by email regarding classes.
  • The above is applied only to the case of a "storm warning" of all weather warnings; however, for emergency warnings, the above is applied to all warnings.

Furthermore, please note:

  • Severe weather warnings are broadcast on the radio, TV, and internet (especially the JMA website).
  • If a storm warning is issued while classes are in session, all classes coming after the one in which the warning was issued will also be canceled.

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