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Introduction to Osaka University

How to report non-compliance

Complaints and whistle-blowing

In order to strengthen compliance and contribute to the healthy development of the university by protecting whistle-blowers, detecting early signs of potential future misconduct, and taking corrective action against misconduct, Osaka University accepts whistle-blower complaints at the consultation services noted below.

Whistle-blowing consultation services

When crimes defined by the Whistle-blower Protection Act and other violations of laws and ordinances were or are going to be committed, consultation services are available. For more information, click here.

We also accept whistle-blowing and complaints in order to handle individual cases. Whistle-blowers are protected in accordance with whistle-blowing law.

Reporting misuse of competitive research funds

For handling of information and complaints about misuse of public research funds, click here.

Reporting research misconduct at Osaka University

For handling of complaints, information, and consultation services about research misconduct, click here.

Other consultation services

Reporting harassment

For consultation services about harassment, go here.

Information Security Desk

For consultation services about information security, go here.

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