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Education Objectives

Education Objectives
Education Objectives are the basic principles for creating classroom activities and content as well as personnel development. The Education Objectives of undergraduate and graduate courses at Osaka University, Education Objectives of the undergraduate and graduate schools as a whole are defined as noted below.
Education Objectives of undergraduate courses, graduate courses, and education and research organizations at Osaka University
Based on the principle that providing scholarship and training in order to become able to ascertain the essence of things is the mission of a university, Osaka University will continue to contribute to society by striving to fulfill this mission in keeping with its motto of "Live Locally, Grow Globally." Osaka University aims to produce capable personnel capable of being leaders in the next-generation society and make efforts to attain the ideals of all human beings. In order to achieve this goal, the schools, graduate schools, and other education and research organizations strive to nurture leaders of a knowledge-based society who will possess (1) broad knowledge and a high degree of professionalism and (2) international mindedness, design prowess, and a comprehensive worldview.
The Education Objectives of OU Undergraduate and Graduate Schools can be found below:

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