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Introduction to Osaka University

Diploma Policies (policies on degree conferment)

Diploma Policies
Diploma Policies are the basic requirements for determining whether a degree is conferred or not. These policies show requirements for the degree and the expected learning outcomes. Based on Diploma Policies for undergraduate and graduate courses of Osaka University as a whole, the Diploma Policies of schools and graduate schools have been defined as noted in the below.
Diploma Policies (policies regarding degree conferment) for Undergraduate and Graduate courses at Osaka University
In order to nurture personnel set in educational objectives, Osaka University confers degrees on students who, in a specified period of time, acquire knowledge and skills in specialized fields as well as earn a specified number of credits, pass examination(s) stated in such course regulations, and demonstrate international mindedness, design prowess, and a comprehensive worldview.
Diploma Policies of undergraduate and graduate schools are as noted below:

Undergraduate Schools
    Graduate Schools

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