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Introduction to Osaka University


Tekijuku, a gakumonjo [a place for study], was opened in 1838 by OGATA Koan, a prominent medical doctor. Osaka University's roots reach back to Tekijuku and its founding by OGATA Koan.


The Emperor and Empress visit Osaka University (June 25, 2013)

Events held in 2013 celebrating the 175th anniversary of Tekijuku

Please use the numbered index below to learn more about Tekijuku and its role in the birth of Osaka University.

  1. The History of Tekijuku--from Tekijuku to Osaka University
  2. Historical landmark & important cultural asset--Tekijuku
  3. The Contributions of Koan
  4. Education at Tekijuku
  5. People associated with Tekijuku
  6. Tekijuku and the neighboring areas
  7. The Chronology of Tekijuku
  8. Tekijuku-related Events
  9. Tekijuku Commemoration Association
  10. Tekijuku Commemoration Center

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