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Individual visits

Currently, Osaka University is restricting entry into its campuses to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Please refrain from entering the campuses for the time being.

Precautions for visitors

  1. Research and classes are being conducted. Walk around the campus quietly. Those who failed to follow the precautions may be asked to leave the campus or refused re-entry.
  2. Except Museum of Osaka University, Student Centers, and restaurants and shops, you are not allowed to enter any buildings.
  3. Neither campus tours by students, faculty, and staff nor press coverage is allowed.
  4. To see campus maps, click here.
  5. To obtain Osaka University-related materials , click here.
  6. Take your garbage with you.
  7. There are no parking lots for visitors. Please use public transportation. Since the university is restricting on-campus traffic, coming to/parking on the campus is not allowed.
  8. Restaurants are crowded during the lunch hour (12:00 p.m. ~ 1:00 p.m.). You are encouraged to avoid this time frame when utilizing dining facilities. For information about campus stores and cafeterias, click here.
  9. OU will not take responsibility for accidents during your visit.
  10. Smoking is prohibited in all areas on all campuses.
  11. Enjoy walking around on campus with a self-guided walking trail map (Toyonaka Campus only) prepared by Museum of Osaka University.

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