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Introduction to Official Student Groups

Sports-Oriented Activities

For the purpose of promoting sports-related extracurricular activities and the various sports groups, the "Osaka University Sports Union" was set up. As can be seen below, the Osaka University President heads the Osaka University Sports Union. Currently, the Sports Union has approximately 9,000 members. 1,961 members were active in 59 different sports-related extracurricular groups at Osaka University as of June 1, 2017.

Chairperson NISHIO Shojiro (President)
Committee Chair TAKEUCHI Marina (Gymnastics)
Committee Vice Chair & General Affairs Manager MIWA Takuya (Swimming)
Committee Vice Chair & Planning and Public Relations Vice Manager SAKI Takayuki (Badminton)
Athletic Manager KAMEDA Shotaro (Rubber Ball Baseball)
Accounting Manager
KOBAYASHI Takuto (Sumo)
Public Relations Manager HASHIMOTO Takuya (Rock Climbing)


Culture-oriented Activities

The "Osaka University Culture Union" was set up as an organization to unify, strengthen, and promote cultural activities and groups at Osaka University. As of June 1, 2017, there are 70 extracurricular cultural groups with a total of 3,538 student members.

Management Committee Chairperson FUKUDA Masahiro (Male Chorus)
Management Committee Vice Chairperson KAWAKAMI Yui (Symphony Orchestra)
Public Relations
KAWAKAMI Sayoko (The Steering Committee for Osaka University Festivals)
Public Relations TAKEI Hiroaki (The Steering Committee for Osaka University Festivals)
Accounting NOMOTO Ryuga

In addition to the above activities, there is also The Steering Committee for Osaka University Festivals to plan and manage the three Osaka University festivals -- Icho, Machikane, and Summer -- as well as other events, enlivening such events with innovative ideas.

To download forms for updating club registration information, click on the appropriate link(s) below:

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