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Obtaining Undergraduate Application Materials

Undergraduate School Application Materials
for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Undergraduate School Application Materials containing information about admission quotas, application deadlines, application procedures, entrance examination days, testing fees, and related topics are available as outlined below.

The following application materials will be available as indicated below:

(updated December 22, 2017)
    General screening and screening for students graduating from technical high school now available
    Talent-oriented Examinations and Admission by Recommendation
    (World Tekijuku Entrance Examination), Admission of students joining the International Science Olympiad as representatives of Japan
    posted on web pages only
    Screening of graduates (including repatriates) of overseas schools posted on web pages only
    Screening for privately-funded international students posted on web pages only
    Screening for  faculty-specific degree courses conducted in English
    posted on web pages only
    Special Entrance Examination for Privately-Funded Undergraduate International Students Living Overseas posted on web pages only

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