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Osaka University Tokyo Office

Tokyo Office building

As Osaka University continues to develop toward becoming a world-leading comprehensive research university, it is only natural that a base for promoting its activities, the Osaka University Tokyo Office, be established in the nation's capital.

The Tokyo Office is available for use by Osaka University faculty and staff (including former faculty and staff), OU students, graduates and other OU affiliated persons.

Business days and hours:

Monday ~ Friday, 9:30 a.m. ~ 5:30 p.m.

Closed on:

Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and Dec. 29 ~ Jan. 3

The Office may also be closed on other days if/when required.


10th Floor, Nittochi Bldg., 1-4-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0013

Contact information:

Osaka University Tokyo Office

Tel: 03-6205-7741, FAX: 03-6205-7743

Email: ou-tokyo-office(at)

Available for use by:

• Osaka University faculty and staff (including former faculty and staff), OU students, graduates and other OU affiliated persons

Limitations on the use

The Osaka University Tokyo Office may not be used for the purposes noted below:

  1. Political purposes
  2. Religious purposes
  3. Commercial purposes
  4. Purposes offensive to public order or morals
  5. Other purposes deemed inappropriate by the office director

Facilities available for use

  • Multipurpose Room 1 -- 810 yen (tax included)/30 minutes, prior reservation necessary
  • Multipurpose Room 2 -- 540 yen (tax included)/30 minutes, prior reservation necessary
  • No usage fees will be collected when using these rooms for classes in undergraduate or graduate schools.
  • Common Space: No usage fee or reservation required

Making Use of facilities

Current faculty, staff, and students are requested to show their faculty/staff ID card or their student ID card.

Former faculty and staff, alumni, and other OU affiliated persons are requested to follow the instructions given by Office reception staff.

The Reception Desk is located in the Tokyo Office on the 10th floor of the Nittochi Building.

Persons wanting to make use of facilities requiring a reservation (i.e., Multipurpose Rooms #1 or #2), please view the instructions below.

Making a Reservation

Persons wanting to make a reservation are requested to inform the Office in advance of items 1~6 below by FAX or email.

  1. Name in full, affiliation, position, and contact information (telephone # & email). Be sure to inform us of your cell phone number so that we can reach you on the date of use. Former faculty members should include their position and department in which they worked while at Osaka University, and alumni should include their graduation year and school.
  2. The number of the Multipurpose Room (#1 or #2) you wish to use.
  3. Date and time you wish to use the room.
  4. Purpose of use or name of meeting.
  5. Number of people attending
  6. Name of group or individual responsible

Note: Reservations must be made from 7 days up to 6 months in advance (in the case of reservations for lectures, etc. by departments, etc., up to 1 year in advance).

Facilities and details regarding their use

Room Room size &
Capacity Purpose of use Reservation and fee
Multipurpose Room #1

27 m2
• 9 desks,
• 18 chairs
• TV (55")
• video conference system (Polycom)
• whiteboard
• projector
• screen (100")

18 Meetings, seminars, symposiums, alumni reunions, lectures, and other activities approved by the head of the Tokyo Office Reservations are required. A fee is charged for use of this room. (810 yen/30 min., tax included)
Multipurpose Room #2 18 m2
• 6 desks
• 12 chairs,
• TV (50")
• video conference system (Tandberg)
• 2 whiteboards
12 Reservations are required. A fee is charged for use of this room. (540 yen/30 min., tax included)
Common Space 18 m2
• All-in-one printer


Meetings and office work Reservations are not required. No fee is charged for use of this space.
  1. The amount of time a user(s) may use the Common Space for may be limited in accordance with the situation that day.
  2. Regarding the use of Multipurpose Room #2, priority will be given to lectures by research and education organizations. Applications must be made in advance.
  3. Multipurpose Room #1 and Multipurpose Room #2 are separated by a movable partition. If you would like to use both rooms for a single event, please book both rooms.
  4. Please refrain from using the all-in-one printer for extended periods of time or large amounts of material.
  5. Wi-Fi service is available.

To peruse the detailed regulations for this facility, click here.

Floor Layout

Tokyo Office layout

Notes on Usage

  • All rooms/locations in the Nittochi Building (housing the OU Tokyo Office) are non-smoking.
  • Be precise in sign-up for and your use of a room. Note that room set-up and clean-up are both included in the agreed upon time for room use.
  • A  limited number of laptops and iPads available free of charge.
  • The arrangement and/or placement of furnishings and equipment as well as the operation of equipment in a room is the responsibility of the person(s) using the room. Moreover, when finished using a room, all furnishings and equipment should be returned to the position and condition they were originally in.
  • If you damage equipment or furnishings in any way, please inform the office of such damage. In such cases, please note that you may be assessed an appropriate fee with regard to the damage caused.
  • In addition to the above, please pay attention to and follow any other instructions from office staff.
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Payment for use of these facilities

  • Osaka University faculty/staff wishing to pay using funds from within the university are limited to operational grants. Payment for use of these facilities during the current academic year may be done all at once during the following academic year.
  • Those from outside of the university or those wishing to pay with external funding must transfer the appropriate amount to an Osaka University bank account. Please be aware that only payments through bank transfer will be accepted.


  • Tokyo Metro, Ginza Line -- Get off at Toranomon Sta., use Exit 7. One-minute north on foot.
  • Tokyo Metro, Chiyoda, Hibiya, or Maruno-uchi Line -- Get off at Toranomon Sta., use Exit A12. Three-minute south on foot.

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For addition information, contact:

Osaka University Tokyo Office (Weekdays 10:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.)
Tel: 03-6205-7741, FAX: 03-6205-7743
email: ou-tokyo-office(at)
Please change (at) to @ when contacting this address.

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