Tuition Fees & Financial Aid

Tuition Fees

As a national university corporation, Osaka University boasts relatively inexpensive tuition fees as compared to private universities', and there are no differences in tuition fees between Japanese and international students.

Category Tuition Fee per year Tuition Fee per half year Matriculation Fee Entrance Examination Fee
Undergraduate student ¥535,800 ¥267,900 ¥282,000 ¥17,000
Graduate student ¥535,800 ¥267,900 ¥282,000 ¥30,000
Graduate School of Law ¥804,000 ¥402,000 ¥282,000 ¥30,000
Auditor Student / Special Auditor ¥14,400 / per credit - ¥28,200 ¥9,800
Research student ¥28,900 / month - ¥84,600 ¥9,800

Students who are recognized as having extreme difficulty in paying admission or tuition fees may be exempted from payment or payment may be deferred.

Financial Aid

Osaka University provides a number of options for individuals having financial difficulties.

The Japan Student Services Organization also provides financial aid for international students.

Living Expenses

Estimated expenses regarding daily necessities are about ¥100,000 per month.
Estimated expenses for students participating in exchange programs at Osaka University:

Tuition fees Should be paid to your home university. Exchange students do not pay tuition at Osaka University.
Flight ticket Actual cost
Traveling expenses from and back to your country of origin Actual cost
Medical expenses You are expected to participate in National Health Insurance. In that case, you are responsible for 30% of any medical expenses you incur. (Unless the problem is rare or extreme, a 30% out-patient hospital bill is probably a fairly nominal figure.)
Food Approximately ¥30,000 per month
Dormitory or residence expenses ¥16,000 ~ ¥40,000 per month
Transportation Approximately ¥5,000 ~ ¥15,000 per month
General school-related expenses (supplies, etc.) ¥6,000
Misc. personal expenses Up to ¥30,000
Accident insurance See here.


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