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Research at OU

Research Support Projects at Osaka University

International Joint Research Promotion Program (2013~)

In order to further enhance research quality and promote globalization of Osaka University, Osaka University supports advanced research between international researchers and Osaka University researchers. Osaka University provides support for the travel expenses of international researchers, gratuities, travel expenses for faculty members and students from laboratories at Osaka University to overseas counterparts, and costs for employing post-doctoral researchers. For more information, go here.

Osaka University Future Research Initiative Group Support Project (2013~)

As an OU policy for promoting future strategy, this project aims to create new areas for promoting basic research and exercising leadership in research initiatives directed toward solutions for national challenges. Osaka University provides cross-border and interdisciplinary research projects with financial support for expenses for symposiums at home and abroad, meetings, and travel expenses. For more information, go here.

Osaka University Program for Creating Future Wisdom (2014~)

This program supports the creation of on-campus joint research systems for young researchers at Osaka University. It aims to cultivate a variety of research projects and produce creative and unique ideas as well as human resources, thereby opening the path to the future. This program provides joint research groups consisting of three young researchers with financial support for expenses in implementing joint research and expenses for compiling research results. For more information, go here.

Young Researchers Support Project (2012~)

Osaka University Future Funds established this project in order to promote graduate students' awareness of the world and increase their viewpoint as researchers.This project provides graduate students with their travel expenses, academic meeting participation fees, expenses for preparing abstracts for their first presentation of their research results in important international symposiums. For more information, go here.

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