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1 Ang, A.; Yamada, M.
(Graduate School of Economics)
A Theoretical Reexamination of Privatization: Assessing its Welfare Impacts
Review of Development Economics, 11, 723-736 (2007)

Privatization has been one of the most significant public policies adopted in the last two decades both in developed and developing countries, and lots of studies focusing on its efficiency effects have been provided. The paper, paying an attention to its equity/distributional aspect, analyzed distributive impacts of privatization on an economy as a whole from a theoretical perspective. Utilizing a specific model economy with two consumers, two goods and two producers, the paper shows that the government intervention can increase the welfare of the society.

2 Aoyagi, M.
(Institute of Social and Economic Research)
Efficient Collusion in Repeated Auctions with Communication
Journal of Economic Theory, 134, 61-92 (2007)

3 Chew, S. H.; Serizawa, S.
(Institute of Social and Economic Research)
Characterizing the Vickrey Combinatorial Auction by Induction
Economic Theory, 33, 393-406 (2007)

This note studies the allocation of heterogeneous commodities to agents whose private values for combinations of these commodities are monotonic by inclusion. This setting can accommodate complementarity and substitutability among the commodities. By induction logic on the number of commodities, we provide an alternative proof of Holmstrom's (1979) characterization of the Vickrey combinatorial auction as the unique efficient, strategy-proof, and individually rational allocation rule on a smoothly connected domain. Our approach is elementary and intuitive in the sense that familiar properties of Vickrey auction provide the first step in our induction. Moreover, our method of proof can be applied to nonconnected domains.

4 Hirai, K.*1, 2, 3; Komura, K.*2; Tokoro, A.; Koromaru, T.; Ohshima, A.; Ito, T.*3; Sumiyoshi, Y.; Hyodo, I.
*1(Center for the Study of Communication-Design)
*2(Graduate School of Human Sciences)
*3(Graduate School of Medicine)
Psychological and Behavioral Mechanisms Influencing the Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Cancer Patients
Annals of Oncology, 19, 49-55 (2008)

This study explored the psychological and behavioral mechanisms of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use in Japanese cancer patients using the transtheoretical model (TTM) and theory of planned behavior (TPB). Questionnaires were distributed to 1,100 patients at three cancer treatment facilities in Japan and data on 521 cancer patients were used in the final analysis. The analysis clarified the distribution in the stages and significant factors influencing for CAM use. The findings revealed the existence of a number of psychologically induced potential CAM users, and psychological variables including positive attitude for CAM use and perceived family expectation greatly influence CAM use in cancer patients.

5 Horioka, C. Y.; Wan, J.
(Institute of Social and Economic Research)
The Determinants of Household Saving in China: A Dynamic Panel Analysis of Provincial Data
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 39, 2077-2096 (2007)

In this paper, we conduct a dynamic panel analysis of the determinants of the household saving rate in China (e.g., income growth, the real interest rate, the inflation rate, demographics, etc.) using panel data on provinces for the 1995-2004 period from China's household survey. Our results provide mixed support for the life-cycle and permanent income hypotheses, are consistent with the existence of inertia or persistence, and imply that China's household saving rate will remain high for some time to come.

6 Kawaguchi, D.; Ohtake, F.
(Institute of Social and Economic Research)
Testing the Morale Theory of Nominal Wage Rigidity
Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 61, 59-74 (2007)

This paper tests the morale theory of nominal wage rigidity, according to which firms resist making nominal cuts to workers' pay even in adverse economic conditions because such cuts hurt worker morale and productivity. They find that a nominal annual pay freeze, experienced by 21% of the sampled workers, demoralized workers by reducing their trust in the firm, and that even greater demoralization was associated with a nominal pay cut, which affected 17% of the workers.

7 Kawamura, S.*1; Suzuki, S.*2; Morikawa, K.*1
*1(Graduate School of Human Sciences)
*2(School of Human Sciences)
Short Report: The Effect of Expertise in Hiking on Recognition Memory for Mountain Scenes
Memory, 15, 768-775 (2007)

8 Lahiri, S.; Ono, Y.
(Institute of Social and Economic Research)
Relative Emission Standard versus Tax under Oligopoly: The Role of Free Entry
Journal of Economics, 91, 107-128 (2007)

We compare the effects on welfare and pollution of an emission tax with those of a relative emission standard in an oligopolistic industry. When the number of firms is fixed, (i) a relative emission standard is welfare-superior to a pollution-equivalent emission tax, and (ii) an emission tax is emission-superior to a welfare-equivalent relative emission standard. Under free entry and exit, the results are mixed. Moreover, they are just the opposite when the inverse demand function is concave.

9 Nakamichi, M.; Silldorff, A.; Bingham, C.; Sexton, P.
(Graduate School of Human Sciences)
Spontaneously Occuring Mother-infant Swapping and the Relationships of Infants with Their Biological and Foster Mothers in a Captive Group of Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)
Infant Behavior & Development, 30, 399-408 (2007)

10 Ono, T.
(Graduate School of Economics)
Unemployment Dynamics in an OLG Economy with Public Pensions
Economic Theory, 33, 549-577 (2007)

This paper develops a model that includes employment effects of public pensions via capital accumulation and union wage setting. Within this framework, we consider how contribution rates to the pension system influence the level and time path of the unemployment rate. It is demonstrated that (1) higher contribution rates result in a lower unemployment rate, and (2) the economy with high (low) contribution rates experience monotone convergence towards (oscillatory convergence towards or a period-2 cycle around) the steady state.

11  Osaka, M.; Komori, M.; Morishita, M.; Osaka, N.
(Graduate School of Human Sciences)
Neural Bases of Focusing Attention in Working Memory: An fMRI Study Based on Group Differences
Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience, 7, 130-139 (2007)


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