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7 Haba, N.; Harada, M.; Hosotani, Y.; Kawamura, Y. (Graduate School of Science)
Dynamical Rearrangement of Gauge Symmetry on the Orbifold S1/Z2
Nuclear Physics B, 657, 169-213 (2003)

Gauge theory defined on the orbifold is constructed to provide a unified theory of electroweak and strong interactions in particle physics. It is shown that quantum effects rearrange the gauge symmetry independent of the boundary conditions imposed on gauge fields. In this scheme gauge fields and Higgs scalar fields are unified in higher dimensional gauge fields. This Hosotani mechanism is extended to gauge theory on orbifolds.

8 Hamai, C.*1; Takagi, A.*2; Taniguchi, M.*2; Matsumoto, T.*1,*2; Kawai, T.*1,*2
*1(Graduate School of Science) *2(Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research)
Kinetic and Thermodynamic Control by Chemical Bond Rearrangement on a Si(001) Surface
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 43, 1349-1352 (2004)

9 Holmes, A. T.; Jaccard, D.; Miyake, K. (Graduate School of Engineering Science)
Signatures of Valence Fluctuations in CeCu2Si2 under High Pressure
Physical Review B, 69, 024508/1-11 (2004)

By simultaneous resistivity and a.c.-specific heat measurements, it is demonstrated that a new supercondcuting mechanism is manifested in CeCu2Si2 under the pressure around 5GPa. A series of anomalies observed around the pressure coinciding with a maximum in the superconducting critical temperature, can be understand in a unified way as phenomena arising from critical valence transition of Ce ion. The results are consistent with a theoretical prediction on an extended Anderson lattice model with Coulomb repulsion between the conduction- and f-electrons.

10 Miyashita, K.; Ikejiri, M.; Kawasaki, H.; Maemura, S.; Imanishi, T.(Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Total Synthesis of an Antitumor Antibiotic, Fostriecin (CI-920)
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 125, 8238-8243 (2003)

Fostriecin (CI-920) is known not only to show antitumor activity, but also to be the most selective inhibitor against protein phosphatase 2A and 4. Hence, fostriecin has the potential to be a novel type of antitumor agent that is based on a novel mechanism of action. We have successfully achieved the total synthesis of fostriecin via a highly convergent route.

11 Mori, K.; Tsunemi, H.; Katayama, H.; Burrows, D.N.; Garmire, G.P.; Metzger, A.E.(Graduate School of Science)
An X-Ray Measurement of Titan's Atmospheric Extent from Its Transit of the Crab Nebula
Astrophysical Jounal, 607, 1065-1069 (2004)

12  Nakano, T.*1; Ahn ,D.S.; Ahn, J.K.; Akimune, H.; Asano, Y.; Chang, W.C.;Dat'e, S.; Ejiri, H.*1; Fujimura, H.; Fujiwara, M.*1; Hicks, K.;Hotta, T.*1; Imai, K.; Ishikawa, T.; Iwata, T.; Kawai, H.; Kim, Z.Y.;Kino, K.*1; Kohri, H.*1; Kumagai, N.; Makino, S.; Matsumura, T.*1;Matsuoka, N.*1; Mibe, T.*1; Miwa, K.; Miyabe, M.; Miyachi, M.;Morita, M.*1; Muramatsu, N.; Niiyama, M.; Nomachi, M.*2; Ohashi, Y.; Ooba, T.; Ohkuma, H.; Oshuev, D.S.; Rangacharyulu, C.; Sakaguchi, A.*2; Sasaki, T.; Shagin, P.M.*1; Shiino, Y.; Shimizu, H.; Sugaya, Y.*2;Sumihama, M.*2; Toyokawa, H.; Wakai, A.; Wang, C.W.; Wang, S.C.; Yonehara, K.; Yorita, T.; Yoshimura, M.*3; Yosoi, M.; Zegers, R.G.T.*1
*1(Research Center for Nuclear Physics)*2(Department of Physics)*3(Institute for Protein Research)
Evidence for a Narrow S= +1 Baryon Resonance in Photoproduction from the Neutron
Physical Review Letters, 91, 012002-1-4 (2003)
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