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10 Selected Papers

World-Leading Selected Scientific Papers

Each year, many Osaka University researchers publish their research results in scientific papers. Ten selected papers are introduced here. All Osaka University researchers were asked to nominate what they considered to be outstanding papers published between early 2001 and early 2002. From 228 papers suggested, the Editorial Committee chose 100 as being noteworthy and 10 as being especially preeminent. Here, the first page of each of the 10 papers is printed just as it appeared in the original journal along with three pages of comments by the author.

 Humanities & Social Sciences

KUWANO Sonoko -Graduate School of Human Sciences-
[Auditory and Visual Interaction in the Aesthetic Evaluation of Environment]


KODAMA Ryosuke -Institute of Laser Engineering-
[Fast Heating of Ultrahigh-density Plasma as a Step towards Laser Fusion Ignition]

SORAI Michio -Research Center for Molecular Thermodynamics-
[Calorimetric Investigations of Phase Transitions Occurring in Molecule-based Materials in which Electrons are Directly Involved]


INOUE Katsuro -Graduate School of Information Science and Technology-
[CCFinder: A Multilinguistic Token-Based Code Clone Detection System for Large Scale Source Code]

KAWATA Satoshi -Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology-
[Finer Features for Functional Microdevices]

MURAHASHI Shun-Ichi and IMADA Yasushi -Graduate School of Engineering Science-
[Enantioselective Addition of Ketene Silyl Acetals to Nitrones Catalyzed by Chiral Titanium Complexes. Synthesis of Optically Active ß-Amino Acids]

KUBOI Ryoichi -Graduate School of Engineering Science-
[Novel Array-Type Gas Sensors Using Conducting Polymers, and Their Performance for Gas Identification]


TAKEDA Junji and HORIE Kyoji -Collaborative Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, Graduate School of Medicine-
[Efficient Chromosomal Transposition of a Tc1/mariner-like Transposon Sleeping Beauty in Mice]

HOSHINO Masaru and GOTO Yuji -Institute for Protein Research-
[Mapping the Core of the ß2-Microglobulin Amyloid Fibril by H/D Exchange]

NAGATA Shigekazu -Graduate School of Medicine-
[Requirement of DNase II for Definitive Erythropoiesis in the Mouse Fetal Liver]

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