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  Three-dimensional Imaging of YB56 by High-resolution Electron Microscopy
OKU Takeo



The three-dimensional potential map of YB56 was obtained by inverse Fourier transformation of 46 independent three-dimensional phases and amplitudes in three high-resolution images taken along the [100], [110] and [111] directions of YB56 crystals under the conditions of the weak-phase objective approximation. The size of the imaging region was 14 nm × 14 nm × ~ 4 nm, and the image directly showed the three-dimensional potential map of the YB56 crystal with ~ 1600 atoms in the unit cell. The present work indicates that the three-dimensional potential map is a useful method for three-dimensional structure analysis in nanoscale regions of nanocrystal materials.

*Reprinted with permission of The Royal Society of Chemistry.


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