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Dipole Excitation of a Clusters in 6Li and 7Li

In some light atomic-nuclei, a few nucleons play an important role to act as clusters. The existence of a clusters has been established from light to heavy nuclei. In this paper, we found that the states with a wave function having an excited a cluster component exist as the analog states in 6Li and 7Li. Dipole excitations in highly Excited energy regions of 6He and 7He nuclei were investigated via the (7Li,7Be) reaction with an incident energy of 65A MeV at forward scattering angles. The resonances at about -30 MeV of excitation observed commonly for 6Li and 7Li targets were found to be excited via both spin-flip and spin-nonflip transitions with L=1. Based on the observed excitation energy, width, and cross section of each resonance, the relevant resonances are inferred to be analogs of the dipole resonance states of a clusters in the 6Li and 7Li nuclei.


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