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  Sustainable Metal Nano-contacts Showing Quantized Conductance Prepared at a Gap of Thin Metal Wires in Solution



Facile preparation of metal nano-structures, such as nano-wires and nano-gaps, has become an important subject in recent nano-technologies. The techniques enable us to evaluate various characteristics of nano-structure, like the quantized conductance, single-electron charging, and specific conductivity of a single organic molecule, which are useful for the fabrication of novel molecular devices. In this study, sustainable metal nano-contacts showing the conductance quantization were successfully prepared by electrochemical metal deposition / dissolution of Cu and Ag metals at a gap of Au wires. The Ag nano-contacts, which were prepared for the first time in the present work, showed the unit of the quantized conductance (G0 = 2e2/h) for more than 1000s. The technique may be applied easily to various metals, oxides, and molecules for the fabrication of single atom or molecular junctions involved in novel devices.


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