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Osaka University and Osaka University of Foreign Studies have cultivated international-mindedness in Osaka in the last century since their founding, and will continue to do so in the next century and beyond.


Making the Minoh Campus a research hub for studying languages, cultures, and societies from around the world.

Osaka University’s Minoh Campus will move to its new location in April 2021.

Based on Osaka University’s motto of “Live Locally, Grow Globally,” the new Minoh Campus will serve as a hub for studying languages, cultures and societies from around the world and as a place to nurture talented individuals with international-mindedness and professional expertise on these languages, cultures, and societies.

The university will also form a hub for sharing Japanese language and culture with the rest of the world through Japanese language and cultural education for international exchange students.



A Global Campus to Connect Citizens to the World


Minoh Campus: A hub for interaction between the 4 campuses




Centered on the Shin Midosuji Highway, the Osaka University campuses extend in a t-shape with the Suita Campus to the east, the Toyonaka Campus to the west, and the Nakanoshima Campus to the south, with the Minoh Campus at the center. A coalescence of wisdom from these four campuses will create new fields of discipline at the new Minoh Campus. The new campus will also serve as a hub for reinvigorating exchange between citizens of Suita, Toyonaka, Osaka, and Minoh cities.

・Creating innovation through new forms of knowledge collaboration

・Revitalizing local communities


Introducing Japanese culture through accepting and interacting with people from around the world




As an urban campus, the new Minoh Campus will conduct a variety of cultural activities to connect the region and the world by using public lifelong learning facilities and culture halls in the region.

・Introduction to world languages and cultures: events open to the public

・Providing citizens and international students with extraordinary experiences through their interactions


Serving as a foothold for students, researchers, and corporations in advancing global marketing

The new Minoh Campus will act as a test field for validating ventures in order to utilize seeds of technology from industry-university collaboration in multiple languages and cultures.

・A foothold for global expansion

・Opportunities for multicultural and multilingual marketing.

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