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Osaka University Independent Research Project for Undergraduate Students Presentation

Osaka University promotes independent research of undergraduate students in undergraduate schools outside of their own.

The 2020-21 academic year, the 6th year of this independent research promotion project, saw 34 groups of students performing all kinds of research. At this Independent Research Presentation, 10 of these 34 groups will present the results of their research.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attendees to this presentation will be limited to student presenters, special guests, and related individuals. Please understand that all others will not be able to enter the venue.

Date and Time

Friday, April 30, 2021 (1st day of the Icho Festival)


*Only related individuals may attend.


Hankyu Railways-Sanwa Bank Hall, Icho Kaikan, Suita Campus

(3F of Bldg. #11 on this map of the Suita Campus)

*Only related individuals may attend.

Presenters from each undergraduate school

*You can view the research outcomes report of each research project by clicking on the topic. (Research outcomes reports in Japanese)

1. School of Letters

Research Topic: Misogynistic Elements of Greek Theater and their Portrayal in Modern Theater

Applicant/Representative: YASUKAWA Nana (School of Letters)

Faculty Advisor: NAGATA Yasushi (Graduate School of Letters)

2. School of Human Sciences

Research Topic: Psychological Impacts of the Absence of Campus Life on New College Students

Applicant/Representative: DAI Hiroki (School of Human Sciences)

Faculty Advisor: MURAKAMI Masayuki (Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences/Graduate School of Human Sciences)

3. School of Law

Research Topic: Future City Planning: Learning from Toyama’s Compact City Strategy

Applicant/Representative: TSURI Kota

Research Collaborator: OKADA Taiki (School of Law)

Research Collaborator: DOI Miyuki (School of Law)

Research Collaborator: NISHIMIYA Kazuhiro (School of Law)

Research Collaborator: HAYASHI Norihiro (School of Law)

Research Collaborator: FUKUI Yoshihiro (School of Law)

Research Collaborator: WATANABE Daisuke (School of Law)

Research Collaborator: IWAMOTO Fumi (School of Law)

Research Collaborator: KIUCHI Ayana (School of Law)

Faculty Advisor: OOKUBO Noriko (Graduate School of Law and Politics)

4. School of Science

Research Topic:  How Social Factors Influence Daily Rhythms in Mice

Applicant/Representative: IWAMOTO Ryoutarou (School of Science) 

Faculty Advisor: TOMINAGA Keiko (Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences/Graduate School of Science)

5. Faculty of Medicine

Research Topic: Increasing Diagnostic Accuracy of Glaucoma Using Retinal Fundus Images and Deep Learning Techniques

Applicant/Representative: ABE Masatoshi (Faculty of Medicine)

Research Collaborator: UMEDA Kentarou (Faculty of Medicine) 

Research Collaborator: TOMITA Itsuki (Faculty of Medicine)

Faculty Advisor: MIKI Atsuya (Graduate School of Medicine)

6. School of Dentistry

Research Topic: Constructing in-vitro Bone Marrow using 3D Cellular Systems

Applicant/Representative: NISHIMURA Yuma (School of Dentistry)

Faculty Advisor: IMAZATO Satoshi (Graduate School of Dentistry)

7. School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topic: Examining Spices that Exhibit Greater Antibacterial Potency When Mixed

Applicant/Representative: YOSHIMURA Tomoki (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Research Collaborator: ITOH Taro (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Research Collaborator: URAYA Yuusei (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences) 

Research Collaborator: KAIAMI Tomomi (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences) 

Research Collaborator: NAMBA Tatsuyuki (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences) 

Research Collaborator: HAYASHI Miu (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences) 

Research Collaborator: FUJII Yuumi (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences) 

Research Collaborator: FUJIMORI Masayuki (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences) 

Research Collaborator: MATSUE Ririko(School of Pharmaceutical Sciences) 

Research Collaborator: ROKUJO Hiroki (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Faculty Advisor: NAKAGAWA Shinsaku (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences) 

8. School of Engineering

Research Topic: Scoring Karate Kata [Forms] Using Deep Learning Technology

Applicant/Representative: WADA Tetsuya (School of Engineering)

Research Collaborator: TAKASHIMA Kazuki (School of Engineering)

Research Collaborator: SHINZAKI Yoshio (School of Engineering)

Research Collaborator: CHARAN BHAVPREETA PRATAP (School of Engineering)

Faculty Advisor: YAGI Yasushi (The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research)

9. School of Engineering Science

Research Topic: Examining the Effects of Stuffed Animal Avatars on Inciting Human Imagination for and Increasing Human Attachment to the Avatars

Applicant/Representative: HASHIKAWA Rino (School of Engineering Science)

Faculty Advisor: TAKAHASHI Hideyuki (Graduate School of Engineering Science)

10. Additional Projects

Research Topic: Inquiry-Based Learning in Secondary School Education on the Topic of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Applicant/Representative: KENJO Yui (School of Letters)

Faculty Advisor: OYAMA Makiko (Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences)

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