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Unique Aspects

Open Research

Osaka University will promote "Open Research" in order to create new knowledge through collaboration with the world beyond OU researchers’ specialized fields with a central focus on academic research driven by their inspiration and out-of-the-box ideas.

International Advanced Research Institute (IARI)

In order to promote the multifaceted, multilateral development of research, the International Advanced Research Institute (IARI) supports Osaka University’s endeavors to create new world-class research hubs that maximize the individuality and strengths of the university. To this end, the institute proposes the World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) and supports OU members’ efforts to obtain large-scale external funding.

Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies

The Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies aims to nurture young researchers who have both high-level research management ability and a high sense of morals and will promote education and research at the world’s highest level.

Open and Trandisciplinary Research Initiatives

The Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives (OTRI) aims to create new academic fields by further promoting leading interdisciplinary research through cooperation beyond the boundaries of organization, society, and nationality.

Osaka University Institute for Datability Science

The Institute for Datability Science aims to promote the use of big data and the pursuit of new methods of science through datability, or the "sustainable, responsible use of large data resources."

The Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities

Osaka University will promote further globalization of research and the development of young faculty members, as well as the employment of more female and international faculty members, in order to enhance diversity, a source of development of scholarship. In addition, under the leadership of the president, the university will create a research environment where researchers from all over the world will gather and further improve the university's excellence in research by increasing the budgets for research expenses and faculty member positions and providing researchers with advice from research administrators (URAs) and more.

International Joint Research Promotion Program

Osaka University aims to further develop the quality of research at OU and promote its globalization through joint research between international researchers involved in advanced research and Osaka University researchers. The university provides travel support and an honorarium for the international researcher, travel expenses for OU faculty members, and support for employing additional researcher(s).

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