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Unique Aspects

Open Governance

Open Governance aims to exceed the expectations of society through continual reform and improvement by maximizing the agency of every member of the university, and implement a solid and transparent university management system that balances leadership and consensus.

University Governance Reform

Securing and Developing Outstanding Human Resources to Support University Management

Osaka University Prize
The Osaka University Prize is awarded to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to university management, education, and research to commemorate their achievements.

Securing Financial Resources for Sound Management

Osaka University Foundation for the Future
Osaka University Foundation for the Future manages funds donated by the public for promoting education and research at Osaka University and supporting OU students and young researchers who will be active on the world stage in the future.

Compliance Promotion

Osaka University institutes rules on compliance and makes every effort to promote compliance in order to perform its duties faithfully and properly, maintain social trust in the University, and contribute to its sound management.

Construction of a Sustainable Education and Research Environment

Energy conservation measures taken at Osaka University
Based on laws and regulations, such as “Act on Rationalizing Energy Use”, “Osaka government's regulations related to the prevention of global warming”, “Environmental Consideration Law/Law Concerning the Promotion of Business Activities with Environment”, Osaka University prepares application forms and reports and submits them to the related government offices.
In addition, Osaka University promotes energy saving by using the Electricity Consumption Visualization System, developing energy conservation plans, and holding meetings on the promotion of energy efficiency.

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