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Unique Aspects

Improving University Libraries

Osaka University has four libraries, the Main Library on the Toyonaka campus, the Life Sciences Library on the Suita campus, the Science and Engineering Library also on the Suita campus, and the International Studies Library on the Minoh campus. Based on a belief that excellent universities always have excellent libraries, Osaka University continually strives to improve and strengthen the functionality of its libraries as the foundation of academic information.

Osaka University libraries make special efforts to improve access to electronic data. Currently the libraries house a total of some 3.88 million books, provide access to seven thousand e-books, e-journals with some 20,000 titles, and have contracts with over 40 databases. Moreover, the university is expanding and improving OUKA, the Osaka University Knowledge Archive, in which academic achievements in electronic format are recorded and made available to the public.

Furthermore, a large amount of valuable paper materials, including the Kaitokudo Library from the Edo era and a collection of SUDA Kunitaro's drawings, are housed in the libraries.

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