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Seminars and Lectures open to the Public

Osaka University Symposiums -- Sharing scholarship and research at Osaka University with society

Under themes reflecting social situations and its historical backdrop, Osaka University will share its scholarship and research with the public. This symposium is intended for a wide range of people and consists of lectures and round-table talks by outside experts and OU faculty and staff members. 

Date & Time
Once or twice a year
Venue Osaka city


Tekijuku, the primary root of Osaka University -- Events sponsored by Tekijuku Commemoration Center

公開教室写真(適塾)The Tekijuku Commemoration Center and the Tekijuku Memorial Association based at the center hold special exhibitions, lectures, and commemorative lectures in order to introduce materials and results of research about OGATA Koan, the founder of Tekijuku and a scholar of Western learning and doctor at the end of the Edo Period. Lectures are also held on his students, pioneers in creating a modern Japan. The Tekikuku Memorial Association also holds guided tour to visit historical places relating to Tekijuku and OGATA Koan for members of the association.

Date & Time Special exhibition -- early June
Tekijuku Workshop -- September ~ October
Tekijuku Commemorative Lectures -- around November
Tekijuku tour (for Tekijuku Commemoration Association) -- around June and November

Tekijuku Commemoration Center [Link in Japanese]

Details [Link in Japanese]

Events sponsored by The Museum of Osaka University -- Ordinary exhibitions, themed exhibitions, and special exhibitions

Ordinary exhibitions, themed exhibitions, and special exhibitions

公開教室写真(博物館)The Museum of Osaka University holds a variety of exhibitions. Its ordinary exhibitions introduce academic tradition at Osaka University, researchers who made great discoveries and contributions, advanced activities in natural science, and activities at Osaka University leading Japan and the world in a variety of fields. Themed exhibitions and special exhibitions share academic research results at Osaka University with visitors in an easy-to-understand manner. In line with these themed exhibition and special exhibition, workshops and museum lectures are held.

Hours Monday ~ Saturday (10:30 ~ 17:00. Visitors are allowed to enter by 16:30 p.m.)
Closed Sundays, national holidays, During the Year-End and New Year’s holidays (Dec. 28 – Jan. 5)
Admission fees There is no charge for admission
Address Machikaneyama Shugaku-kan, The Museum of Osaka University (1-20, Machikaneyama-cho, Toyonaka City, Osaka)


Science Cafés


Science Café@Machikaneyama introduces the history of Osaka University and results of its academic research.
Date & Time January ~ March (4 ~ 6 cafes)
Venue Seminar Room, 3F, Machikaneyama Shugaku-kan, The Museum of Osaka University (1-20, Machikaneyama-cho, Toyonaka City, Osaka)

Details [Link in Japanese]

Lectures open to the public by outstanding faculty members at Osaka University

公開教室写真(公開講座)Osaka University was the first university that held courses open to the public. Lectures have always been delivered in a spirit of practical scholarship.
Date & Time September ~ December
Venue Osaka University Nakanoshima Center (4-3-53, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka City)

Details [Link in Japanese]

Osaka & Kyoto Open Cultural Lectures -- Themes of lectures centering on Osaka and Kyoto

公開教室写真(文化講座)Osaka University's Graduate School of Letters and Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, Ritsumeikan University's School of Letters, and Ritsumeikan Osaka Office have joint classes open to the public. The themes of these lectures center on Osaka and Kyoto and aspects shared in their history and culture.
Date & Time May ~ July (8 classes), October ~ December (8 classes)
Venue Ritsumeikan University Osaka Office, 14th Floor, Osaka Fukoku Life Insurance Bldg., 2-4 Komatsubara-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka

Details [Link in Japanese]

Free Lab Café -- free café on your way home

公開教室写真(ラボカフェ)How about stepping into philosophy, art, history, or science on your way home from work? Lab Café is lectures and talks held at the community space, Art Area B1, in the concourse of Naniwabashi Station on the Keihan Nakanoshima Line. Faculty members or others at Osaka University serve as café masters, providing programs in which guests and participants talk about a variety of topics such as philosophy, art, science and technology, railroads, manga, sports on weekday evenings.
Date & Time Every month
Venue Art Area B1 (Concourse, 1st basement, Naniwabashi Station, Keihan Nakanoshima Line)

Details [Link in Japanese]

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