We defined it as individuals and organizations sharing a common foundation,
competing and building together, overcoming internal and external obstacles,
and collaborating to create new knowledge and lasting impact for society.
 We believe that the mission of the university is to create a better future through the cultivation of comprehensive knowledge, not only for the advancement of science and technology, but also for a profound understanding of humankind and society. Aware of our social responsibility and by building on our inherited historical legacy, Osaka University hereby presents its “Osaka University Vision 2021.”
 This vision is set to realize the principles of the Osaka University Charter, the proclamation issued when we became a national university corporation in 2004. While affirming our fundamental commitment to outstanding research and education, the vision also calls for openness – internally among departments in the university, and externally through open dialogue and interaction with society. This openness will be the unifying principle of our improvements in the next six years leading to our 90th anniversary in 2021.
 Osaka University’s quest for openness dates back to the civic-mindedness of two academies of the Edo period, known as Kaitokudo and Tekijuku. Both institutions were established with the support of local citizens and thrived in the vibrant and liberal atmosphere of the city. The university has embraced the spirit, diversity and aspirations of these schools and has nurtured students who strive to achieve excellence in their sincere yet humble search for the truth. The university’s motto of “Live locally, grow globally” manifests our inherited commitment to always contribute to society.
 Contemporary society is faced with global-scale challenges — the deterioration of the environment, the depletion of natural resources, ethnic and religious strife, just to name a few examples. Rocked by a burgeoning wave of globalization, we humans seem to have lost tolerance and open-mindedness, having wandered from the path to peace. In these challenging times, the mission of a university is to create comprehensive knowledge, that is, knowledge to advance science and technology to ensure sustainability, as well as to cultivate wisdom to comprehend the state of humankind and society. We believe such comprehensive knowledge lays the groundwork for a better future.
 To maximize the full potential of the comprehensive knowledge we create, the university must overcome internal and external barriers to openness. We aim to compose, orchestrate and harmonize knowledge, integrating innovations from all disciplines and all sectors of society, mobilizing our students, faculty and staff. Through such “kyoso (orchestration)” and “kyoso (co-creation)” of knowledge, Osaka University realizes the full potential of our synergies. Open collaboration will in turn bring new ideas that strengthen our university community. It is through this openness that we will become a world-leading comprehensive research university. This brings us to the five themes of our vision: Open Education, Open Research, Open Innovation, Open Community and Open Governance.

Principally, education at Osaka University focuses on developing talent that understands the essence of scholarship, and develops the three following attributes: critical thinking, transcultural communicability, and design prowess. We will foster these abilities by nurturing students to have a sophisticated academic background with a wide-range of personal views which will contribute to sound societal judgement (critical thinking), the know-how to communicate with people of different cultural backgrounds (transcultural communicability), and the ability to freely exercise the imagination and create networks that bring diverse parties together (design prowess).

Internationally, the world faces a number of complex issues, while domestically Japan is rife with a number of problems affecting first world nations, including population decline and an aging society. Against this backdrop, today’s society requires an education that teaches how to identify the essence of each problem and develop solutions, rather than a closed approach, with individuals only focusing on their own areas of study. In this sense, Osaka University is on an important mission to nurture those with an innovative mindset and the ability to create new values for the good of society, by integrating and applying a diverse range of knowledge and techniques possessed by the university.

  • Provide education and training to undergraduates to respond to the needs of society
  • Promote graduate education to nurture the motivation to create new values for society
  • Reform the ongoing university system to provide internationally compatible education
  • Reform the existing entrance examination system to admit students of diverse backgrounds
  • Create a learning environment conducive to the diversity of learning

At Osaka University, we are determined to contribute to the resolution of worldwide issues and the growth of society by evolving into a world-leading comprehensive research university in line with our Open Research policy. To this end, Osaka University is creating a versatile range of knowledge through basic, fundamental and interdisciplinary integrated research of the world’s highest level and delving deeper into such knowledge. This initiative is being led by the superior research prowess and state-of-the-art equipment held at Osaka University's Joint-Use/National Joint-Use Facilities, research labs, and the World Premier International Research Center (WPI).

With the age of “super big data” just around the corner, it is imperative that a strong integration of big data and the creation of new intellectual value is implemented for the safety and security of society. We will make the most of our advanced information-related technologies to explore new scientific methodologies by means of “datability,” which is the ability to handle very large amounts of available data in a responsible manner while ensuring the sustainability of such data into the future. The concept of “datability” will open up a new horizon for today’s science, technology and academic studies and become the foundation of new interdisciplinary integrated research.

This foundation of research will, in turn, enable us to nurture researchers with outstanding research management skills and a high ethical sense, and help Osaka University attract talent from diverse sectors of society who are capable of playing a leading role in contributing to the academic excellence of Japan.

  • Strengthen and internationalize the foundation of academic research to master the essence of scholarship
  • Create an environment where research misconduct and misuse of research funds never occurs and raise the awareness of staff and students of the university
  • Develop the world’s top-class research centers
  • Create new academic realms by integrating different fields of study based on datability
  • Train new researchers towards accessible career prospects
  • Promote distinct Joint-Use/National Joint-Use Facilities as hubs for advanced knowledge

Promoting Open Innovation is the key to solving the global and complex problems that face humanity and creating a better future society. As one of the most innovative universities in the world, Osaka University is committed to raising the level of its collaboration with industry even higher.

Osaka University will bring about a paradigm shift in the conventional style of industry-university collaboration, and launch “industry-university co-creation” efforts to create new social values. In doing so, we aim not only to develop new technologies and services, but also to extend our collaboration to different sectors and fields, both domestic and foreign, to cater to the needs of users of such technologies and services. The mingling of diverse expectations and desires give rise to new social issues. Osaka University is determined to advance to a new stage of Open Innovation to construct new systems by presenting solutions to such social issues.

The “industry-university co-creation” concept advocated by Osaka University enables all people involved to inspire each other with their talents, ideas, and personal creativity. This process helps to produce individuals with the ability to think about their true roles, in other words, the ability to recognize the importance of “what to do,” creating a favorable circulation of personnel and values between society and the university.

  • Promote Osaka University-style comprehensive industry-university co-creation
  • Drive the commercialization of translational research by leveraging medical, dental and pharmaceutical networks in Osaka
  • Establish a center for development through industry-university co-creation
  • Share innovative technologies with society through investment projects

Universities, as “a locale of knowledgeable discourse,” are open to local communities, the global society, and allow knowledge to flow freely. Osaka University will create an Open Community for a diverse range of knowledge and people to meet and collaborate with each other to develop new values, thus putting into practice its motto “Live locally, grow globally.”

As the successor to the spirit of Kaitokudo and Tekijuku, we are ready to contribute to the local community as a regional center for science, culture, art, and medicine. We will also take every opportunity to develop cooperative ties with community leaders, and together explore what we can do for the betterment of society. In doing so, we aim to maximize our potential as a comprehensive university.

In addition, we will interact with the global society more positively and further enhance our educational and research activities through healthy competition with people of diverse cultural backgrounds. To tackle the complex problems that face humanity and open up a bright future, we will enhance the internal programs for academic exchange, international cooperation, and international industry-university co-creation by making use of our global networks, thereby reinforcing the activities at the university’s overseas centers.

We will create a campus environment where diversity, whether related to culture, language or gender, is respected and valued, and build an Open Community supported by an intergenerational network of alumni and former staff of the university, so that the experience of having studied or worked at Osaka University will be recalled with pleasure and pride by all people concerned.

  • Create a regional center for science, culture, and art through community-university co-creation
  • Further improve the University Hospitals to better contribute to health care both locally and globally
  • Orchestrate and co-create knowledge by expanding global networks
  • Create an open, sustainable campus
  • Create an intergenerational network by launching new PR initiatives

Building on the tradition of continuous self-reform, Osaka University, as a center of learning, has continued to set and pursue higher goals in all the fields of education, research, and social contribution with the spirit of autonomy and independence. Today, Japanese universities have reached a turning point, and Osaka University recognizes the necessity of placing greater importance on diversity and endeavoring to maximize the potential of students, staff and all other members of the university. Thus, we will mobilize the potential of each and every individual at the university and encourage all the departments of the university to improve themselves and make a new start through self-reform so that we can leap even higher and further, briskly and smartly, as a world-leading comprehensive research university. For this purpose, we will engage in the management of the university by balancing the leadership of the President and the consensus of the members of the university and promote highly transparent Open Governance.

Specifically, we will promote stable and healthy university management from a mid- to long-term perspective, and take positive measures to train experts on university management in the areas of international, financial, and legal affairs, as well as public relations. Through their efforts, we will create an environment where members of the university can experience the joys of education, research, and work, leading Osaka University to be the frontrunner to bring Japan to a brighter future.

  • Ensure higher-level transparency in university management by striking the right balance between decision-making by leadership and that by consensus
  • Create an attractive environment that promotes gender equality and enables every member of the university to enjoy studying and working
  • Hire, train, and retain high-caliber individuals and experts to support university management
  • Ensure stable university management based on a mid- to long-term financial vision
  • Secure internal sources of income to ensure healthy and stable management
  • Create a safe, comfortable and sustainable environment for education and research