Live Locally, Grow Globally

Unique Aspects

OU Vision 2021 -- Moving Towards University 4.0 through Orchestration and Co-creation of Knowledge

OU Vision 2021

Osaka University established OU Vision 2021 as guidelines for its endeavors in continuous self-reform leading up to its 90th anniversary in 2021, which the university considers a "period of evolution."

Open Education

In order to nurture “Explorers of Knowledge,” Osaka University will implement “Open Education” for producing knowledge with the interest of the public by mobilizing all available educational power in university and society in collaboration with industry, government, and civic society.

Developing Human Resources for Co-creative Innovation

Designing an Educational Environment for Students

High School & University Collaboration

Open Research

Osaka University will promote "Open Research" in order to create new knowledge through collaboration with the world beyond OU researchers’ specialized fields with a central focus on academic research driven by their inspiration and out-of-the-box ideas.

International Advanced Research Institute (IARI)

Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies

Open and Trandisciplinary Research Initiatives

Osaka University Institute for Datability Science

The Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities

International Joint Research Promotion Program

Open Innovation

Based on the philosophy “Shift from industry-university collaboration to industry-university co-creation,” Osaka University will commit to "Open Innovation" leading to the creation of new knowledge.

Co-Creation Bureau

Social Solution Initiative (SSI)

Industry-University Co-Creation

Establishment of the Joint Research Chairs & Research Alliance Laboratories

Open Community

Under the motto of “Live Locally, Grow Globally,” Osaka University will make efforts to become an Open Community where diverse knowledge and people gather together with the goal of contributing to solving issues that face local communities and global society and the development of spiritual affluence of society as a hub of scholarship, culture, art, and medical treatment.

Live Locally

Global Strategies at Osaka University

Designing a Sustainable Campus

Open Governance

Open Governance aims to exceed the expectations of society through continual reform and improvement by maximizing the agency of every member of the university, and implement a solid and transparent university management system that balances leadership and consensus.

University Governance Reform

Efforts in Diversity

Securing and Developing Outstanding Human Resources to Support University Management

Securing Financial Resources for Sound Management

Compliance Promotion

Construction of a Sustainable Education and Research Environment

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