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Regarding disciplinary action taken against a faculty member


Recipient of disciplinary action: Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics (male, 30s)

• Disciplinary action: Suspension for 4 months

Date of disciplinary action: December 16, 2020

Facts regarding the violation

Over the course of 4 months, the offender (“A”) committed unwanted actions against his student (“B”), such as repeated invitation for dating, dining, overnight stays, and driving, as well as unwelcome touching in the offender’s office.

After investigating the facts of this case, the Task Force on Sexual Harassment at Osaka University recognized A’s action as sexual harassment against B.

The university deems that A’s inappropriate behavior undermines the university’s dignity and respect, and has taken disciplinary action, suspension for 4 months, against him pursuant to Article 37, Section 2, Item 3 of Work Regulations at National University Corporation Osaka University.

*The university will not release the details of the offender’s behavior and identifiable information regarding the victim to protect the victim.

Comment from President NISHIO Shojiro

Sexual harassment by a faculty member is an inappropriate behavior and it is unacceptable in education. The university has severely punished the offender.

Osaka University offers its deepest apologies to the victim of sexual harassment at the university. We will continue to make efforts to raise awareness of harassment prevention and take measures to ensure a harassment-free environment.

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