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The Museum of Osaka University 20th Exhibit

2016-10-22 (Sat) -

The Museum of Osaka University 20th Exhibit - 100th Anniversary of the Opening of Choken-Kaitokudo
KAITOKUDO - The Pride of Osaka: The Art and Academics of Kaitokudo

Exhibition Period:

Saturday, October 22 ~ Thursday, December 22, 2016


10:30 ~ 17:00 (Entrance is permitted until 16:30)


Sundays, Holidays (Open on Sunday, November 6)

Hosted by:

The Museum of Osaka University

Co-hosted by:

Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University; Kaitokudo Commemoration Association

With support by:

Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, Osaka University

Contents of the Exhibit

(1) Choken-Kaitokudo and Kaitokudo-fuku

(2) Beginnings of Kaitokudo

(3) Expansion of Kaitokudo


Kaitokudo is a  opened in 1724 by merchants in of Osaka as a school of Sinology. 2 years later, after received authorization from the shogunate government in Edo, it was called a gakumonjo, or a "place of learning." It was a place of where villagers and warriors alike could learn in an open environment.

Kaitokudo temporarily closed during the turmoil surrounding the Meiji Restoration, but was rebuilt in 1916 as Choken-Kaitokudo. It was opened as a citizens' college for the people of Osaka that inherited the spirit of the Kaitokudo built in the Edo Period. Unfortunately, Choken-Kaitokudo burned down in the bombing of Osaka in 1945. However, 36,000 important documents were preserved in the library building, which was made of reinforced concrete. These documents were donated to Osaka University after the war, a collection which became the "Kaitokudo Library." Here, Kaitokudo is positioned as the spiritual origin of Osaka University, and up to this point, with the cooperation of the Kaitokudo Commemoration Association, we've expanded our efforts to include events such as open courses.

The huge collection of documents in the Kaitokudo Library tell of the art and academia in Osaka from the modern era all the way up until today. This year marks the 100th year since the opening of Choken-Kaitokudo. Let's take another look at the pride of Osaka, "Kaitokudo."

Related Event: Museum Lectures


November 5/November 26/December 17, 2016 (all dates fall on Saturdays)


Seminar Room, 3F, Machikanyama Shugakukan, The Museum of Osaka University

*Each lectures runs from 13:30 ~ 14:30. Capacity is limited to 40 attendees, with applications taken on the days of each lecture on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations and attendance fees are not required.

*Osaka University researchers will explain the documents on display.

*Each session will focus on a different documents on display.

Date: 2016-10-22 (Sat) -
Organizer: The Museum of Osaka University
Sponsored: Machikaneyama Shugakukan, The Museum of Osaka University
Registration: Registration is not required for this seminar.
Contact: Machikaneyama Shugakukan, The Museum of Osaka University

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