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Handai Five Talks: Intersection of Knowledge

2016-7-10 (Sun) 12:50 - 18:40

On Sunday, July 10, 2016, we will be holding a seminar entitled "Handai Five Talks: Intersection of Knowledge" on the Toyonaka campus. There will be 5 talks from graduate students at Osaka University on topics such as life, robots, single molecules, education, and Noh theater, as well as a lecture from Professor OHTAKE Fumio and a tour of Ishiguro Lab.

Anyone from junior high school and up may attend. Those who are interested in research at OU and research in different fields are encouraged to attend.

Attending this seminar is free.

There is no registration necessary for the talks by the graduate students and the speech by Prof. Ohtake, but you must register for the tour of the Ishiguro Lab. and the social event by July 3.

Date: 2016-7-10 (Sun) 12:50 - 18:40
Sponsored: Programs for Leading Graduate Schools/High School-University Connection Office, Osaka University
Venue: International Bldg., Graduate School of Engineering Science
Contact: HATA Tokuro, Kobayashi Laboratory, Department of Physics, Graduate School of Engineering Science

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