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Koefes - "Modernization of Traditional Art" Exhibit

2016-2-4 (Thu) - 2016-2-7 (Sun)

Osaka University Arts Festival "Koefes," now in its 3rd year, has made efforts in the cultivation of coordinators and managers who make up the core of arts activities as a "Program for cultivating personnel for art festivals in cooperation with theaters, concert halls, and art museums."

In the "Modernization of Traditional Art" Project, which is one of the projects in the "'The Voice without a Voice, the Voice All Around Us, and My Voice' Art Festivals III" Project (Koefes) of the Graduate School of Letters, we have taken on the topic of "modernization of traditional art" while looking at various examples. This year, students have been proactively advanced the research in this project. This year's topic is Kagura, or traditional Shinto music and dance, and students have been performing research and holding workshops since October of 2015 on its succession and development. We will be holding an exhibit to show the process and results of this project.

In Exhibit I, we will take a look at the recordings of Nose Joruri and Lin Weng-chong's dance troupe WCdance on the topic of "Traditional Music and Performances - Nose and Taiwan," and in Exhibit II, we will take a look at kagura from the perspective of the students in "Kagura and Me." We will also be holding other performances and symposiums in addition to these exhibits, including "Opening Concert • KAGURA -koefes version-" by MOGURA KAGURA (Thursday, February 4, 20:00~), "Festival 2016 -koefes version-" by Plant M + takayasu kagura (Friday, February 5, 14:00/19:00; Saturday, February 6, 14:00; Sunday, February 7, 11:00/14:00), and "Modernization of Traditional Art Symposium" (Saturday, February 6 15:30).

This exhibit will be the last event held in the "Modernization of Traditional Art" Project. We would like to make this final event a culmination of the 3 years of Koefes and an opportunity to discuss with attendees about "true modernization" of traditional art. We hope to see you there.

Date: 2016-2-4 (Thu) - 2016-2-7 (Sun)
Organizer: Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University
Venue: Irorimura (1-4-15, Nakazaki, Kita-ku, Osaka)
Registration: Registration is not required for this symposium.
Contact: koefestradition

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