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Towards Regeneration of Sight - A Focus on Synthetic Retinas

2016-2-13 (Sat) 10:30 - 12:00

The Handai-Asahi Nakanoshima Juku offers courses produced and sponsored by Osaka University and the Asahi Culture Center. The Handai-Asahi Nakanoshima Juku was established at the time [Osaka University's] Nakanoshima Center was built in 2004.

These courses share results of research conducted at Osaka University with the general public in an easy-to-understand format. In these lectures, leading lecturers give presentations on topics in culture, art, history, science, technology, health care, as well as seasonal and current topics.

Towards Regeneration of Sight - A Focus on Synthetic Retinas

Saturday, February 13, 2015 - 10:30~12:00

FUJIKADO Takashi (Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University)

Attendance fee: 1,620 yen

In recent years, regenerative medicine of the eyes has become a popular topic, and to achieve the mutual goal of sight regeneration, we have been developing synthetic retinas. From last year, we have been performing clinical research which chronically implants synthetic retinas for a year into patients with advanced retinitis pigmentosa, and through this research, we have found that the artificial vision gained by these implants has proven useful in their daily lives. At this lecture, after explaining the mechanisms of illnesses that make vision difficult, I'd like to talk about the principles, adaptations, and future prospects of synthetic retinas.

To apply, go to the Asahi Culture Center website.

Date: 2016-2-13 (Sat) 10:30 - 12:00
Organizer: Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, Osaka University; Asahi Culture Center
Venue: Osaka University Nakanoshima Center
Registration: Registration is required for this seminar. (Web)
Contact: Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, Osaka University

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