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GLOCOL Seminar - "Living Globally! It All Started at GLOCOL"

2015-12-11 (Fri) 16:00 - 19:00

In 2007, the Global Collaboration Center (GLOCOL) was born, and since then, many students have participated in GLOCOL's Graduate Program for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, overseas field studies, and overseas internships. After gaining knowledge at GLOCOL, which crosses over the barriers of "school" and "graduate school," just what kind of future did these students envision? Let's hear from the graduates themselves, who are active in a variety of fields, and think about the role that the university must fulfill.


KURODA Atsuki (Tata Consultancy Services Japan)

"I think everything is connected"

KIRIKAWA Nao (Industrial Wastewater Treatment Division, KOBELCO ECO-SOLUTIONS, Co., Ltd.)

"Taught by the spirits of the forest"

HAYASHI Wakana (Alumna, Graduate School of Human Sciences)

"Global Life is right in your backyard"

WAKABAYASHI Mami (Doctoral program, Graduate School of Medicine)

"Challenging a career in International Cooperation"

For a profile on each of the presenters, click here. (link in Japanese)


SI Qinfu (Specially Appointed Associate Professor, GLOCOL)

KOMINE Shigetsugu (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, GLOCOL)

How to apply:

Please send an email entitled "Application for 12/11 Seminar" including your name and organization to the address below:

We will also be taking applications at the door.

Date: 2015-12-11 (Fri) 16:00 - 19:00
Organizer: Osaka University Global Collaboration Center (GLOCOL)
Venue: Quartier Multilingue, 1F, Osaka University Student Commons
Registration: Registration by email is required for this seminar.
Contact: Osaka University Global Collaboration Center (GLOCOL)

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