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Enjoying Exchange With Different Fields - A Proposal from OU Dokken Graduates

2015-12-23 (Wed) 14:00 - 16:00

At this seminar, we'll look back on the highlights from parts 1-3 of this memorial lecture series. Following a discussion on the relationship between cultivation and university, OU Dokken graduates will deliver their proposals on this topic.

Osaka University German Culture Research Association (OU Dokken) 60th Anniversary Memorial Lecture: "Enjoying Exchange with Different Fields - A Proposal from OU Dokken Graduates"

Part 4: "Enjoying Exchange with Different Fields - A Proposal from OU Dokken Graduates"

Date and Time:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015 - 14:00~16:00


Osaka University Nakanoshima Center

Registration Period:

Friday, October 23 ~


HATSUTANI Isamu (Professor, Graduate School, Osaka University of Commerce)


NAKAMURA Masaki (Associate Professor, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Osaka University)

OHTA Masahisa (Emeritus Professor, Konan University)

IWATANI Kunio (President/CEO, Kringle Pharma, Inc.)

SENBA Emiko (Professor, Osaka Yukioka College of Health Science/Emeritus Professor, Wakayama Medical University)

MITSUNARI Miho (Professor, Graduate School of Human Life Sciences, Nara Women's University)



Coordinator and Panelist Profiles


A 1978 graduate of the School of Law at Osaka University, HATSUTANI Isamu completed the graduate program at the Osaka School of International Public Policy. He received his doctorate in International Public Policy. After working at Osaka Prefectural Government, he took his current position in 2005. He specializes in public business administration, NPO policy, and policy of local government. His written works include Public Management and NPO Policy (Gyosei, 2012). In recent years, he has focused his efforts on regional branding and decentralization (city decentralization), as well as investigative research and social activity related to the not-for-profit corporation system.


NAKAMURA Masaki has been involved with cultivation and education at Osaka University since 2007. He has been involved with a large number of student participatory courses and planning and implementation of various projects in his search for a new paradigm for cultivation and education. He has been involved with biblio battles, Science Cafés, "Book Collection," a book review competition between a faculty member and a student group, as well a book published through student planning entitled How to Eat a Doughnut Without Eating the Hole, Cross-Border Scholarship -- University Lectures Peeking through the Hole.

OHTA Masahisa

Born and raised in Osaka, and currently 72 years of age, OHTA Masahisa is a 1966 graduate of the School of Science at Osaka University. His stomping grounds included Abeno-ku and, after the war, the area between Taisho and Shinsaibashi, primarily the Horie area. The scars of war left in Minatomachi left a huge impression on him. Professor OHTA studied at Kozu Senior High School, Osaka University, and Konan University, where his major was theoretical physics. He currently works as a self-proclaimed generalist, holding "Nishinomiya Science Meetings" for the general public. He participated in the first seminar in this series.


After graduating from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Osaka University in 1965, Mr. IWATANI entered Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. After residing in then-American occupied Okinawa, he moved to Indonesia, France, America, and France for a second time, with a total of 19 years overseas, so it goes without saying that he has quite a bit of experience interacting and blending in with different cultures, though not without a bit of occasional tension. Currently, he is the president of a bioventure company, developing therapeutic medicine for intractable diseases. He participated in the second seminar in this series.


A 1973 graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at Osaka University, SENBA Emiko served as a neurologist, after which she went into neuroanatomy research. She became a professor of anatomy at Wakayama Medical University in 1991, a position at which she continued to perform research on the neural mechanisms behind pain and stress. After her retirement in March of 2014, she aims to clarify the mechanisms of successful exercise therapy, while being involved with the cultivation of physical therapists. She also continues to promote gender equality in the Japanese Association of Anatomists. She participated in the third seminar in this series.


After graduating from the School of Letters at Osaka University in 1979, MITSUNARI Miho went on to complete the graduate program at the Graduate School of Letters, and the doctorate program at the Graduate School of Law and Politics. She received her doctorate in Law, and specializes in gender history. Her major written works include Law History of Gender - The Modern German Family and Sexuality (Keiso Shobo, 2005). She devotes herself to education and research for a society in which everyone can all live together, be they women, men, or those who identify with neither (LGBTI).

- - - - -

Some 60 years ago, the Osaka University German Culture Research Association (OU Dokken) was born. At Dokken, students from all fields gather to learn about German language and culture, while nurturing their own foundations of "culture" in a broad sense. Through this exchange between students of different fields, many seeds were planted, and have bloomed as students have thrived in their own lives and social activity. We planned this Dokken 60th Anniversary Memorial Lecture based on the spirit of interdisciplinary exchange that was such a unique characteristic of the club's activity, in the hopes that it will help us in making a new world image across the fields of culture, society, and nature.

Date: 2015-12-23 (Wed) 14:00 - 16:00
Organizer: Committee for the 60th Anniversary of the Osaka University German Culture Research Association; Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, Osaka University
Venue: Osaka University Nakanoshima Center
Registration: Registration by email is required for this seminar.
Contact: Committee for the 60th Anniversary of the Osaka University German Culture Research Association

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