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Osaka University Innovation Fair 2015

2015-11-11 (Wed) - 2015-11-12 (Thu)

Osaka University has strongly promoted the sharing of its education and research results with the industry and society inside and outside of Japan under the motto of "Live Locally, Grow Globally." At this fair, using "See, Touch, Feel, and Work together with Osaka University " as a keyword, ITOH Yuichi, Associate Professor, Creative Unit, will talk about six latest results entitled "New Device Media Stimulating Five Human Senses” in order to further promote strong collaboration with companies including medium-sized ones based in Osaka, a town of manufacturing.

The organizers hope that this fair will become a good opportunity for participants to become familiar with the latest research results and that it will lead to collaborative research and development as well as the creation of innovation through development of application by visiting companies.

Date: 2015-11-11 (Wed) - 2015-11-12 (Thu)
Sponsored: Office for University-Industry Collaboration; The Kitaosaka Shinkin Bank; Osaka Saito-Souken, Inc.
Venue: My Dome OSAKA
Registration: Registration is not required for this seminar.
Contact: NISHIJIMA, General Planning Promotion Department, Office for University-Industry Collaboration, Osaka University

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