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Movie Subtitle Translation Course 2015

2015-11-4 (Wed) 14:40 - 17:40

Implemented in 2008, the Movie Subtitle [Translation] Course has been very well-received and will, once again, be held on Osaka University's Minoh campus on Wednesday, November 4.
Two persons active on the front lines: MABUCHI Yasuko, a subtitle translator, and HORI Saburo, a technician for the actual insertion of the subtitles into a movie, will talk in an easy-to-understand and fun way about the basics of movie translation, the relationship between movies and translation, and the relationship between a movie and its subtitles. In the midst of the growing interest in movie subtitles, not only those interested in movie subtitles and subtitle translation, but also movie fans are cordially invited to this course.

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Registration starts at 14:40.
Venue: AV Hall, 4th floor, International Studies Library, Minoh campus, Osaka University

  • MABUCHI Yasuko, Subtitle Translator
  • HORI Saburo, Athénée Français Cultural Center

M.C.: FURUKAWA Yutaka, Professor, Graduate School of Language and Culture, Osaka University

There is no charge for attending this seminar.

General citizens are required to register in advance. Please make an application by phone or through the application form on this page well in advance or you may not be able to get a seat. (Please note that this form is in Japanese only.)

Osaka University students interested in attending are not required to register in advance.

Space is limited to: 150

Sponsored by: Graduate School of Language and Culture, Osaka University; Osaka Movie Culture Promotion Steering Committee (Asian Film Festival)
In cooperation with: International Studies Library

For more information, contact:

General citizens
Asian Film Festival Office
Tel: 06-6373-1211 (13:00 ~ 17:00)

Students Research Cooperation Division
Minoh Office
School of Foreign Studies
Graduate School of Language and Culture
Tel: 072-730-5013, 5015 (9:00 ~ 17:00)

Handling of personal information
Personal information collected will be used only for registration purposes for this movie subtitles course.

Date: 2015-11-4 (Wed) 14:40 - 17:40

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