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Symposium Open to the Public -- Discussing Disabilities in a Super-Aged Society

2015-5-30 (Sat) 13:00 - 17:00

As one reaches his or her later years, one needs to cope with more and more challenges. The elderly and people with special needs share common challenges. However, the Long-Term Care Insurance Act that came into effect in 2000 defines the situation requiring care as "as a result of diseases caused by physical or mental changes due to aging," specifically, individuals in need of nursing care and those in need of support are defined as those aged 65 or older (if they have specified disease, individuals aged 40 or older).

Germany's nursing-care insurance that Japan used as a reference has no age limit and covers all persons requiring care: both challenges for the elderly and those for persons with disabilities are covered by the insurance. On the contrary, the Japanese nursing care insurance is intended for the elderly alone. The challenges for persons with disabilities are covered by another law, Disabilities Total Support Law. That's why, in Japan, the challenges for the elderly and those for persons with disabilities seem to be separated, which has caused distortions in cases where the elderly develop a disability and persons with disabilities get older. There are many kinds of challenges for the elderly and the same is true of persons with disabilities, thus, the problem is tricky.

In this symposium, we'd like to share information about current situations of the elderly and those with disabilities and discuss them.


  • "Living with Persons with Disabilities while Searching for a New Path," MATSUMURA Toshiaki, Director, social welfare corporation Empitsu-no-ie
  • "Helping People Live in Dignity and on their Own Initiative," SHINOHARA Fumihiro, Counseling and Support staff, Counseling and Support Center Michi
  • "Care in Japan Viewed from Medical Welfare in Sweden," KOMOTO Yoshiko, Medical Welfare Consultant

M.C.: HAMAUZU Shinji, Professor, Osaka University

Date: 2015-5-30 (Sat) 13:00 - 17:00
Organizer: Clinical Philosophy Laboratory, Osaka University
Venue: Lecture Room #301
Registration: Registration by email is required.
Contact: Clinical Philosophy Laboratory, Osaka University

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