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Special Exhibition #8: Machikaneyama Shonen Project Tie-In -- Campus Museum Project

2015-4-30 (Thu) - 2015-7-11 (Sat)

At The Museum of Osaka University, from Thursday, April 30 to Saturday, July 11, we will be holding an exhibit under the theme of "memory" entitled Machikaneyama Shonen - Connecting University and Region through Art. During the period of this exhibition, there will be various events on Osaka University's Toyonaka Campus as well as throughout the city of Toyonaka, such as an international art event and walking tours with the close cooperation of Toyonaka City.

Campus Museum Project

In addition to the Special Exhibition #8 to be held at The Osaka University Museum and Machikaneyama Shugakukan, based on the idea that Osaka University campuses are museums in and of themselves, there will be introductions to various art resources (buildings, monuments, works of art) on the Toyonaka campus as well as suggestions on how to enjoy them. The project will be divided into four courses: history of the university, history, art, and science. Anyone may participate in these walking courses. For information and maps on these courses, please visit The Museum of Osaka University webpage.

There are often new discoveries to be made even on the paths we walk on every day. We hope that by learning meanings and origins that you never knew about pieces of art around campus, you'll feel more closely connected to the OU campus.

Osaka University Art Resource CAMPUS MUSEUM PROJECT:


The Museum of Osaka University

Please use the contact form located here. (Link in Japanese)

Date: 2015-4-30 (Thu) - 2015-7-11 (Sat)
Organizer: The Museum of Osaka University
Venue: Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University
Registration: No registration is necessary for this event.

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