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Professor Sara Heinämaa's Japanese Visit (Lecture and Seminar)

2015-3-23 (Mon) - 2015-3-25 (Wed)

Finnish Professor Sara Heinämaa will make a brief visit to the Graduate School of Letters to hold a lecture and seminar.


March 23: Public Lecture -- Sara Heinämaa
“Aging and Death: A Phenomenological-philosophical Approach”

March 24: Open Seminar “Feminist Phenomenology”
13:00~13:10 Opening Speech by Shinji HAMAUZU (Chairman)
13:10~13:40 Haruka TSUTSUI (Tokyo Univ)
Biological Essentialism as a Narrative: Thinking from Popular (Neuro)science on
Sex/Gender Differences
13:40~14:10 Hitomi SAITOH (Nihon Univ.)
Woman’s Body and Surrogacy in Japan
14:10~14:20 [Short Break]
14:20~14:50 Takashi IKEDA (Meiji Univ.)
The Personal is Phenomenological is Political: The Case of DARC Women’s House
14:50~15:20 Yuka MIYAZAWA (Osaka Univ.)
Pregnancy, Life, and Phenomenology
15:20~15:30 [Short Break]
15:30~16:00 Keiko TAKAYAMA (Osaka Univ.)
A Paradigm Shift in Gilligan’s Ethic of Care: From Natural Science Perspective to Life
World Perspective
16:00~16:30 Yui KATSURA-NOGUCHI (Osaka Univ.)
What Is a Mother?: A Phenomenological Exploration of Motherhood
16:30~17:00 Minae INAHARA (Osaka Univ.)
Exploring the Lived World of Mothers Who Have Children with Disability: A Feminist
Phenomenological Approach
17:00~17:10 [Short Break]
17:10~18:00 Discussion

March 25: Open Seminar “Multiple Faces of Phenomenology”
13:00~13:10 Opening Speech by Shinji HAMAUZU(Chairman)
13:10~13:40 Yuta KOMURA (Tokyo Univ.)
The Problem of Sexuality in Japanese Manga Culture
13:40~14:10 Kazuki FUJITAKA (Osaka Univ.)
On Butler's Debt to Phenomenology
14:10~14:20  [Short Break]
14:20~14:50 Yukako SHINOZUKA (Osaka Univ.)
The Value of Phenomenological Description in Psychiatry: An Overview and Further
14:50~15:20 Kenta AOKI (Osaka Univ.)
Mood and Talking
15:20~15:30 [Short Break]
15:30~16:00 Hwayoung KIM (Osaka Univ.)
When the Living Critique Starts: Disorder and Assumption
16:00~16:30 Tadashi KAWASAKI (Osaka Univ.)
A Description of a Beard: Toward a Phenomenology of the Vegetative
16:30~17:00 Michael Gillan PECKITT (Osaka Univ.)
Sartre and Beauvoir on Physical Disability
17:00~17:10  [Short Break]
17:10~18:00 Discussion

Date: 2015-3-23 (Mon) - 2015-3-25 (Wed)
Organizer: Ethics and Clinical Philosophy Course, Graduate School of Letters
Venue: Lecture Room, Machikaneyama Kaikan
Registration: No registration is needed.
Contact: INAHARA, Clinical Philosophy Course, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University

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