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Shikake Hackathon #1

2015-3-15 (Sun) 10:00 - 17:00

Think about all of the problems we face every day: lack of exercise and bad eating habits, littering and illegal parking, public sanitation, crime, energy problems, to name a few. What all of these social issues have in common is that they're all born of the actions of people. So, if we change the actions of those causing the problems, we can eliminate the problems at their source, right? At Hackathon, our aim is to create "shikake [gadgets]" to urge the kind of action that will solve these social problems and promote understanding and interest in such devices.


For this event, we'll create "Little Bits," tiny magnetic objects that, when connected, will move around and create light and sound. Hackathon is designed to provide you with a full day of interaction, beginning with how to think about these "gadgets," to how to use Little Bits, and finally to production of a prototype "shikake."

Who May Attend

Anyone who is interesting in making these "shikake" may attend. No prior knowledge is necessary, so even elementary school students may attend this event, but we ask they be accompanied by an adult. However, due to limitations of the venue and resources available, if there are too many applications, in consideration of balance, we may need to hold a selection process for attendees. We expect capacity to be from about 10 to 20 attendees.

Time and Place

Venue: Lecture Room, Osaka University Hall (Toyonaka Campus) 
Date: Sunday, March 15, 2015 -- 10:00~17:00

How to Apply

Those wishing to attend are required to fill out the Hackathon Application Form. Elementary school students are also welcome to attend, but they must be accompanied by an adult.

If there are a large number of applicants, for the sake of balance, please understand that we may hold a selection process for attendees.

It is free to attend this event, but please prepare your own lunch and transportation expenses.


10:00~  Greetings
10:10~  Thinking About Gadgets
10:40~  How to Use Little Bits
11:10~  Gadget Brainstorming
12:00~  Lunch
13:00~  Creating Gimmick Prototypes
15:30~  Presentation of Gimmicks
16:00~  Wrap-up and Clean-up

Directions to the Venue

The stations closest to the venue are Ishibashi Station on the Takarazuka line of Hankyu Railways, or Shibahara Station on the Osaka Monorail. Please visit the Osaka University Hall Access page for more details.


MATSUMURA Naohiro  (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University)<>

Date: 2015-3-15 (Sun) 10:00 - 17:00
Organizer: Development of Shikake Design Workshop, Program for Creating Future Wisdom
Venue: Lecture Room, Osaka University Hall (Toyonaka Campus)
Registration: Registration is required for this event. (Web)
Contact: MATSUMURA Naohiro

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