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International Business-Academia Cooperation Symposium -- Promotion of Business-Academia Cooperation in Southeast Asia #1: Cooperations with Vietnamese Universities

2015-3-5 (Thu) 13:30 - 17:00

In developing nations, there is an urgent need to cultivate those human resources who will break away from a business model based in inexpensive labor to a more advanced one. To this end, the governments of developing nations aim to strengthen the education and research of their higher education institutions by establishing universities to lead the effort.

On the other hand, through international cooperation, the Japanese government has expanded its educational support and is also currently implementing focused cooperative efforts with institutions of higher learning.

For this symposium, we've invited representatives from two Vietnamese universities with a long history of exchange with Osaka University. We'll take a look at the expected establishment and growth of universities through ODA in 2015, while attempting to further advance and expand the cooperation between Osaka University's education and research counterparts through the "OU Model" of business-academia cooperation.

Program Overview 

14:30 -- Opening Remarks
ITOH Tadashi (Vice Director, Institute for Nanoscience Design, Osaka University)

14:40 -- "The Possibilities of Solving the Environmental Problems of the Mekong Delta through Cooperation with Japan"
Dr. Nguyen Van Cong (Vice Dean, Environmental and Natural Resource Studies Department, Can Tho University)

15:00 -- "Framework for Japan-Vietnam R&D Center as Hub for International Business-Academia Collaboration"
Dr. Le Viet Dung (Vice President, Can Tho University)

15:20 -- Comments #1
HIRATA Kazumasa (Director, GLOCOL, Osaka University)

15:25 -- Comments #2
SUMIMURA Yoshinori (Associate Professor, GLOCOL, Osaka University)

15:30 -- Break

15:40 -- "Nanotechnology and Energy: Expansion in Vietnam"
Dr. Nguyen Hoang Luong (Director, Nano and Energy Center, College of Natural Sciences, Vietnam National University, Hanoi)

16:00 -- "Framework of a Business-Academia Collaboration Hub in Hanoi"
Dr. Le Van Chieu (Vice Director, Main Office Project Management Department, Vietnam National University, Hanoi)

16:20 -- Comments #1
KASAI Hideaki (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)

16:25 -- Comments #2
IKE Michihiko (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)

16:30 -- General Discussion
Coordinator: MIYAKE Jun (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University)

16:50 -- Closing Remarks
HOSHINO Toshiya (Vice President in charge of Overseas Offices and International Issues, Osaka University)


Date: 2015-3-5 (Thu) 13:30 - 17:00
Venue: Lecture Room 304, 3rd Floor, Osaka University Nakanoshima Center
Registration: No registration is needed.
Contact: Osaka University Global Collaboration Center

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