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International Workshop on Plant-Made-Pharmaceuticals

2014-9-15 (Mon) - 2014-9-18 (Thu)

It has been 25 years since the first report of a plant-made-pharmaceutical (PMP) by Osaka University's International Center for Biotechnology was made. In recognition of this milestone, a discussion-based workshop is being held to discuss from a variety of angles the practicality of PMP. Interested persons are cordially invited to attend.

In this workshop, PMP discussions will be held on topics such as basic research for PMP production, glycosylation, and production/purification strategies, diverging into discussions on downstream, cost, and through to feasibility matters.

Date: 2014-9-15 (Mon) - 2014-9-18 (Thu)
Organizer: IC Biotech, Osaka University; University of California - Davis, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Sponsored: A long list of sponsor names can be found on the last page of the 11-page program (for download below).
Venue: Hankyu Sanwa Hall, 3rd Floor, Icho Kaikan, Suita campus
Registration: Registration by email is requested.
Contact: Office, IC Biotech, Osaka University

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