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Participants being sought for ODINS security workshop -- Deadline: November 1

2013-11-26 (Tue) - 2013-11-27 (Wed)

An ODINS security workshop is being held on November 26 and 27. The workshop aims at learning that will be helpful in day-to-day management of Linux servers at the university. Aiming at preventing unauthorized access and in order to protect internal resources, the workshop will take construction of servers into consideration and, for Linux trouble-shooting, use an actual server to explore vulnerability and weak points.

Date: 2013-11-26 (Tue) - 2013-11-27 (Wed)
Venue: Large Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Cybermedia Center Main Building on Suita campus
Registration: Registration by email is required. Use the email address given below to register your (1) name, (2) affiliation(s).
Contact: Research Related System Group, Information and Communications Technology Services Infrastructure Division, Department of Information and Communications Technology Services

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