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Shosekika Project -- 100 Books recommended by Osaka University students

2013-10-16 (Wed) - 2013-10-31 (Thu)

OU students, faculty, and staff members are introducing 100 books in a book review  "Shohyo Kukan" of the Kinokuniya Company's webpage, "We decided to write -- 100 Books that have impressed Osaka University students." These 100 books are currently on display at a special corner in the Kinokuniya Bookstore in Grand Front OSAKA as a campaign "Issatsu Ichie" [Treasure every encounter with a book].
For this event, the library circle "Library Design Lab" of Osaka University of Arts designed a special shelf for displaying the books, a free pamphlet that introduces the 100 books, as well as a bookmark. Thanks to collaboration between students from Osaka University and Osaka University of Art and the Kinokuniya Bookstore this "book culture" is being shared with the public. Feel free to drop by the corner during this special campaign.

What is a Shosekika project?

The Shosekika project is an Osaka University student-initiative project. In cooperation with Osaka University Press, students planned writing an attractive book with faculty members,  while totally advertising, and selling them their selves. Being involved in the whole process of the book publication, students will learn what is necessary for publishing and conveying their ideas to society with a book.
With advice from editors, bookstore owners and employees, and relevant media people, students have been involved in planning and producing a book since last year. In March 2013, the decision to publish a book in December entitled How to Eat a Doughnut Without Eating the Hole was made. Students did this activity as part of a class in the beginning, but have now formed a volunteer group working hard at publishing books.

Date: 2013-10-16 (Wed) - 2013-10-31 (Thu)
Organizer: Osaka University Shosekika Project, Kinokuniya Bookstore in Grand Front OSAKA
Sponsored: Osaka University of Arts' library circle, Library Design Lab, Osaka University Press, Kaitokudo for the 21st Century
Venue: Kinokuniya Bookstore in Grand Front OSAKA
Registration: Not necessary.
Contact: MATSUYUKI Terumasa, Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Education Tel: 06-6850-6985

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